Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Pensacon is my first convention appearance of the year. Hands down, it’s my favorite convention. The organizers and the volunteers are friendly and capable people who treat guests better than any other convention, which is saying something because so many of the cons I attend treat me exceedingly well.

The Pensacola Bay Center is spectacular, as are Pensacon’s hotels and other venues. As for Pensacola, it’s one of the nicest cities I’ve visited in decades of attending conventions. The city really gets behind the event with the airport decking itself out in fan-inspired fun and several restaurants adopting themes related to the convention. Honestly, Pensacola is one of the very cities in which I could see myself living.           

Pensacon’s guest list is always mind-boggling in both sheer numbers of guests and the quality thereof. The vendors room is filled with great booths and organizations. The fans are amazing.  This will be my fifth year there and, in the previous years, I’ve only crossed paths with one fan I would consider a jerk. That’s out of the tens of thousands of fans who attended Pensacon over those four years. Small wonder I love the event as much as I do.

Let’s get to the details, taken from Pensacon website:

Pensacon takes place from Friday, February 28 to Sunday, March 1. The primary convention venue, the Pensacola Bay Center, is where ticketing, celebrity autographs and photo ops, and the vendor floor will be located. Other official venues include the Pensacola Grand Hotel (across the street from the Bay Center), the Saenger Theatre, the Rex Theatre, and the Pensacola Little Theatre. New this year is Voices of Pensacola, the UWF Historic Trust Bowden Building and the Museum Plaza Stage. Most official events and activities will take place from 1-8pm (on Friday) and 10am-6pm (on Saturday and Sunday).

The guest list includes more wonderful creators and performers than I can possibly name in this blog. Which won’t stop me from naming a couple dozen of them:

Barry Gregory, Keith DeCandido, Pat Broderick, Tom Cook, Mike Toth, Nancy A. Collins, Alex Kingston, Christopher Burdett, Mark Maddox, Matt Frank, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Kathy Najimy, Jim Butcher, William Katt, Nick Zann, Matt Ryan, Bruce Boxleitner, Victor Gischler, Katy Manning, Billy Zane, Jane Weidlin, Dee Wallace-Stone, David Warner, Akira Takarada, Susan Eisenberg, Robert Pope, Catherine Sutherland, Jen Broomall, and so many more that this is where I must direct you to the convention website for more information on this incredible array of talent.

I have a pretty hefty panel schedule this year:

Friday, February 28

Civil Rights and Social Justice Movements as Reflected in Comic Books (Pensacola Grand B; 1:30-2:15 pm)

Panelists: Tony Isabella, Thomas Strange, Mike Manning, Joshua Opper, Tom Boucher


Cheesy Monsters Raid Again (Pensacola Grand B; 5:15-6 pm)

This is an encore of the presentation I gave at G-Fest last year. Soon to be expanded into an actual book.

Saturday, February 29

Comic Book Adaptations (Pensacola Little Theatre Courtroom; 12:15-1 pm)

Panelists: Jim Butcher, Nancy Collins, Victor Gischler, Robert Page and yours truly.

King Kong vs. Godzilla (Pensacola Grand B; 4-4:45 pm)

Panelists: Lemmie Crews, Matt Frank, Tony Isabella, Rafe White

Sunday, March 1

Classic Monster Movies (Pensacola Grand B; 1:30-2:15 pm)

Panelists: Tony Isabella, Mark Maddox, Mitch Byrd, Andrew Gaska

Writing for Comic Books (Pensacola Little Theatre Courtroom; 4-4:45 pm)

Panelists: Victor Gischler, Barry Gregory, Tony Isabella

In addition to the above panels, it was my honor to serve with Mark Maddox and Victor Gischler as one of the judges of Pensacon’s 2020 Short Film Festival. There were some outstanding short films this year and I urge you to see them during the convention.

When I’m not doing panels, eating, going walkabout to visit other guests at Pensacon, you will find me in Artist Alley with Saintly Wife Barb. Because we’re flying to Pensacola, we’re limited as to how much stuff we can bring to the show. At this time, I expect to have some copies of these trade paperbacks: Black Lightning, Black Lightning Volume Two, Black Lightning: Brick City Blues and Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands.

I will be bringing 10-20 copies of my exclusive variant edition of Marvel’s Greatest Creators: Tony Isabella #1 with the very first appearance of Misty Knight. There were only a little over 1000 of these printed. Selling for $10, they will be signed and numbered. The copies I’m bringing will all be relatively low numbers.

I’ll also be bringing a dozen or so copies of True Believers: What If Spider-Man Had Rescued Gwen Stacy?, a reprint of the issue many consider the best of the series. I had sold out of these in 2019, but was able to acquire additional copies from a comics retailer. These will be priced at $2 each.

Finally, I’ll be bringing a selection of posters and mini-posters. These are priced at $10 for full-size posters and $5 for the mini-posters. Be sure to stop my table and give them a look.

If you buy something from my table, I will sign it for free. If you want to take a photo of or with me, that’s also free. If you bring previously-purchased items for me to sign, I charge $5 per item and $15 per item if you have my signature witnessed by one of grading companies attending Pensacon.

All that’s left to be said is to repeat how much I love Pensacon. I’m looking forward to returning to the convention and hope to see old friends and make new ones.

I’ll be back as soon as possible with more stuff.

© 2020 Tony Isabella

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