Sunday, November 25, 2012


A series of events led to the technical difficulties that kept me offline and unproductive yesterday.  It'll be a day or two before I get back into things.

It started when my son's laptop (bought in June) was stolen while he was visiting his old fraternity house.  With its return unlikely, he bought a new one on Wednesday night...and had to return that new one on Friday.  In the course of Best Buy trying to make things right - which they did - the store give him a new Kaspersky anti-virus program.  To mess up the thief of his stolen laptop, his old one was deactivated.

The problem is...because the program can be installed on up to three computers, this left Barb's laptop and my computer without protection.  Enter the virus.

I tried to buy/upgrade my Kaspersky online to no avail.  I went out and bought my own Kaspersky program, but, because "the new version was already installed" (which it wasn't), I couldn't install the new one.  I was told to uninstall the existing program, but was blocked from doing so by a virus.

This necessitated bringing in a local to Medina remote control technician who labored mightily on my ancient rig.  He managed to uninstall Kaspersky - it will be returned - and install AVG, which I don't much like.  But my rig is too generic and old for him to speed it up as much as I would like.  So I'm now trying to decide if I want and/or can afford a new computer.  That may depend on whether or not I can land some new clients or get work commitments from existing clients for 2013. 

Please, no crap from MAC zealots.  Heard it all.  You're just annoying at this point.

I have a lot of odds and ends to deal with today, if I don't just blow off the day and watch TV.  So it may be one or two days before I'm back up to sleep and posting.

But, regardless of all the above, I still give thanks for my wonderful life, wife, kids, friends and that I'm still able to write and entertain/inform people and, if only through my garage and online sales, make comics fans happy.  It's a good life if I don't weaken.

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