Friday, July 4, 2014


I have never been more concerned for the United States of America than I am on this Independence Day. While I will elaborate on this theme in the weeks and months to come, the sum of all my fears can be best expressed in one sentence:

We are in danger of losing our independence.

The right-wing judges of the Supreme Court of the United States are granting corporations crushing power over citizens. Over the past several months, they have dealt crippling blows to women’s health care, voting rights, individual freedom of speech, our freedom from religion and so much more. As a friend pointed out, in a ridiculous system that allows these judges to hold their positions for life, this is why elections matter.

The corrupting influence of the rich and powerful on our government has never been more open. It’s why we can’t have sensible gun laws. It’s why we can’t have a living minimum wage. It’s why woman aren’t paid the same as men or have access to the same quality of health care as men. It’s why equal rights for all Americans has not yet been achieved. And so much more.

Elections matter. So I am asking you to vote in every election and to vote against every right-wing candidate or issue. Because I have come to believe that the only way for our country to remain free, the only way for us to thrive, is if we make those who support the odious positions of the right unelectable.

Am I going to tell you the candidates and positions of the left are so much better that they will usher in a Golden Age for the United States of America? Of course not.

Am I going to tell you the candidates and positions of the left are better enough to give us a fighting chance? Yes.

There was a time when conservatives were just that...conservative. They could be thoughtful without being knee-jerk ideologues. They could change their positions when persuaded by reason or pressing need. They could work with liberals to benefit the country.  They saw value in negotiation and transparency. They didn’t try to game the system to achieve partisan goals that were often injurious to the citizenry. They were worthy of respect.

There was a time when “liberal” was not an angry insult. When the word stood for generosity and progressive ideas, when that political designation moved our nation forward with the assistance of those who didn’t always subscribe to that generosity or those progressive ideas but who stood ready to help shape those ideas with their own insights.  There was a time when both sides seemed to honestly want the best for the country and its citizens.

Elections matter. Your vote matters, even more so when the forces of the right try to take it from you. Especially when the forces of the right try to take it from you.

There is no room for bigotry or ignorance in this country. There is no room for laws that allow religions, any religions, the slightest power over those who don’t embrace their particular religion or who embrace no religion whatsoever.

Please vote in every election. Please vote against the right. Not because the left has all the answers, but because the right proves day in and day out that it doesn’t have any of the answers.

If the progressive left regains control of this country, hold it to those same demanding standards that I have asked you hold the right to. Don’t let the politicians ever feel secure in their jobs unless they are actually doing those jobs well.

Elections matter...and not because the rich and the powerful throw billions of dollars into them.

Elections matter...and not because there are those who try to sway your vote with bigotry, fear and ignorance.

Elections matter...because elections are how the people can change the future of our country for the better.

Elections matter...because people matter more than corporations or religions or ideologues.

Elections matter because people matter.

© 2014 Tony Isabella


  1. I share Tony's concern.

    As one of my favorite senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont said we're fast approaching an oligarchy. Especially if we get more corporate republicans in there. Myself, I plan to vote for more people like Bernie, who's a self proclaimed democratic socialist. Yes the dreaded S word but at least he's a guy who seems to be looking out for the little guy.

    Dan Lorenzen

  2. I cheer you, Tony. And at today's family picnic my sister said Obama is the worst president we've had since WWll and that her step-granddaughter should read the Rush Limbaugh books she gave her before school begins in August. But it's a free country. We're just not free to choose our blood relatives.

  3. BEAUTIFULLY said, Mr. Isabella. It's a damned shame it HAD to be said. :(

  4. Honestly at this point I see no reason to support either major party. Each has had long stretches of controlling both houses and presidency and during the periods there is little done to benefit the actual people of the country. Screw hardliners of both parties, I say. THEY (the hardliners) are holding things back. Those that gravitate towards the middle are at least willing to work together.