Monday, June 15, 2015


I didn’t want to write this brief bloggy thing, but I took a real good look at my schedule for the next two months and I knew I had to do it. Cue ominous music.

Okay, stop the ominous music. It’s not that bad.

Readers of this bloggy thing know I am currently writing a memoir of sorts about my life in comics. It has a tight deadline, but I’ll make it. In addition to the new book, I am also working on something for my one remaining comic-strip client...and working on a secret project that is unlike anything I’ve ever done before...and writing my weekly TONY’S TIPS column for Tales of Wonder...and working on a couple of other things, one of which, if it happens, will almost certainly make your jaws drop. And I’ll be a guest at Indy Pop Con on June 26-28 in Indianapolis.

That’s just the work part of my life. Tomorrow is Barb’s and mine 31st wedding anniversary. Also this month: Father’s Day, the first anniversary of our daughter Kelly starting her post-college job and our son Eddie’s 27th birthday. There’s also some medical stuff in my near future. With this crazy schedule, I need to make sure the maintenance on my aged body is as up to date as possible.

The good news is that I am determined to continuing posting all the fun stuff I post on my Facebook page, my First Church of Godzilla page and The Official Tony Isabella Message Board page. I’ll also continue posting new content in this bloggy thing of mine, albeit not on a daily basis. These are important to me.

The bad news is that I must postpone stuff that’s also important to me until sometime in August. My online Vast Accumulation of Stuff sales won't  resume until sometime in July. My Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales won't resume until August and only run for two months.

The additional bad news is that I will have to delay or turn down all of the following:

I will not be able to read that PDF of your new project and assist you in its promotion. I wish you great success with your project, but I just don’t have the time. When it’s a friend asking, I will most likely give them permission to promote their new project on my Facebook page. Those friends who have actually done me a good turn in the past will have the best chance of getting my permission to use my Facebook page.

I will not be able to answer any interview questions until sometime in August, even if I had already committed to that. I need the time to work on my new book.

Basically, I will not be able to fulfill or even consider any new requests of any kind until August. I enjoy helping people out when I can, but, for the next two months, I must keep my eyes on my own prize. I think you can understand that.

Thanks for your understanding at this time.

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

© 2015 Tony Isabella

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  1. Tony,
    Best of luck with the "medical stuff in my near future."