Sunday, November 4, 2012


...we'll still have work to do.

If President Obama wins re-election, he and we will still have to deal with the Republicans in Congress who will continue to obstruct the business of the country.

We will still have to deal with politicians whose allegiance to Grover Norquist is greater than their oaths of office. 

We will still have to deal with the bigotry and racism embodied in the extreme right wing and its followers.

We will still have to deal with religions who believe freedom of religion means that the rest of us have to follow their beliefs and that they shouldn't have to follow the laws of our country.

We will still have to deal with those who feel women aren't capable of making their own decisions about their bodies, usually the same people who would deny them equal pay and proper health care.

We will still have to deal with an extreme right-wing media for whom lying comes as easily as breath.

We will still have to deal with the partisan Republican members of the Supreme Court, whose allegiance is more to their party than the Constitution.

We will still have to deal with the ongoing voter suppression by the Republican Party and its allies.

We will still have a lot of hard work ahead of us, work made that much harder by the Republicans and their allies.

When I wrote that voting for President Obama and other Democratic candidates was the only moral choice I could make, I received a nasty e-mail from someone asking me if I considered him immoral.

I don't know him well enough to answer save to say that I believe voting for Romney/Ryan and their allies is an immoral choice.

My Sainted Wife Barb has Monday and Tuesday off.  She's says she's afraid to be with me on Tuesday.  She needn't be.  I've done what I can.  I'm confident I did the right things and made the right choices.  I'm not responsible if others did not make the right choices.

But, if she's still worried, she's safe until the polls close on Tuesday night. :)

After that, I'll either be insufferably pleased with myself (I hope) or terrible depressed (I hope not).

Since Wednesday November 7 is the anniversary of the day we met, maybe we should leave Tuesday for some secluded cabin without TV or WiFi.  On the other hand, I sort of like the thought of being in my own home and not receiving dozens of robocalls.

Of course, I'll always have Rachel of Cardholder Services.

Come back tomorrow for my weekly Vast Accumulation of Stuff sale.


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