Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The Secret Origin of Hawkman was one of eight mini-comics packaged
with some kind of Leaf candy - no one seems to remember what kind -
and sold by the Leaf Candy Company as “Comicbook Candy” circa 1980.
As previously noted, each 16-page booklet consistsed of a cover, 14
pages of story and a back cover advertisement for a DC Super Heroes
Collector Album.  The miniature comics are 4-1/4" tall and 2-3/4"
wide.  A photo of the display box from which this 1980 product was
sold was posted in last Friday’s bloggy thing.  The Grand Comics Database
has indexed these booklets.  So we know a lot about them, but by no
means everything.

According to the GCD, Dick Giordano confirmed that he was the inker
of this cover and suspected he penciled it from a layout by Carmine
Infantino.  As with a few of the previous booklets, someone at the
GCD opined “it also seems to have a Curt Swan look” and, for once,
I can see that in the two figures.  Of course, the GCD also opines
the cover was “somewhat based” on the cover of Hawkman #11 [1965]
and I would dispute that.  The only similarity is that both covers
show Hawkman fighting the Shrike in the air.

The Shrike does not appear in “How Hawkman Won His Wings!,” which
was drawn by Alex Saviuk with inks by Vince Colletta.  The as-yet-
unidentified writer of this story concentrated on how Hawkman and
his dad used their artificial wings for scientific purposes until
Thanagar was invaded by the Manhawks. Father and son figure out how
to guard against the destructive ray-blasts of the creatures with a
winged helmet.  After the aliens are defeated, it is decided that
Thanagarian police officers will wear the winged helmets.  Only the
last page of the story covers Hawkman and Hawkgirl coming to Earth.
It’s a good story, though penciler Saviuk is hampered by the small
size of the pages and the uninspired inking of his work.  The mini-
comic was lettered by Todd Klein.

The Secret Origin of the Justice League will be the lead subject of
tomorrow’s bloggy thing. See you then.

© 2012 Tony Isabella


  1. This was always my favorite of these for some reason. I think I still have a couple copies in a drawer upstairs.

    1. I don't suppose that you'd be willing to part with a copy. Hawkman from that era is one of my favorite things ever

  2. I was looking forward to you writing about this particular comic for a reason, other Tony. When DC was celebrating their 50th, Comic Carnival at the east side of Indianapolis had you as a guest (promoting The Shadow War Of Hawkman series that you were writing) for a party. I figured since it was a party, I should bring a gift. So I bought a copy of this with the candy to give to you.

  3. This one, more than some of the others, does look like it has Curt Swan pencils; especially in the faces Yes, even though the faces are masked, I can see definite Swan influnces in them; particularly Killer Shrike. Layout does look to be by Infantino, what with the CITIZEN KANE slanted angels to it.