Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The Garfield Show #3: Long Lost Lyman [Papercutz; Hardcover $11.99, Softcover $7.99] features three comic-book stories based on the television show and, of course, the characters created by Jim Davis. I think it's a terrific book, but I may be a wee bit biased.

The editor of this book is Jim Salicrup, a dear friend of mine who I worked with at Marvel and Topps Comics. The stories were originally written by Mark Evanier and others. Mark and I have been good friends since we were teenagers.  The art for these stories is taken from the popular cartoon show. I am credited with "dialogue restoration," which means I tried to put as much of the original scripts by Mark and the others back into these comics. My scripts were then lettered by Tom Orzechowski, yet another old friend. I was thrilled to be working with so many talented friends.

If you like Garfield, you'll like this book. If you just want to buy some kind of comic book that has my name on it, I'll like that. But, speaking as someone who really had very little to do with how much fun this book is, I think you'll like it.  


ISBN 978-1-59707-512-1


ISBN 978-1-59707-511-4

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