Thursday, November 3, 2016


The Shadow #101: Gangdom’s Doom and The Golden Grotto [October  2015; $15.95] reprints two novels from the character’s formative years. Both are by Walter B. Gibson writing as Maxwell Grant.

Gangdom’s Doom was first published in the December, 1931 issue of The Shadow Magazine:

The Shadow rushes to Chicago to avenge an agent’s death, vowing Gangdom’s Doom.

The Golden Grotto is from The Shadow Magazine for May 1, 1933:

Piracy on the high seas lures the Dark Avenger into a deadly confrontation with the murderous mastermind of The Golden Grotto.

The front cover art is by George Rozen. Back cover art is by Graves Gladney, Jerome Rozen and George Rozen. Interior illustrations are by Tom Lovell.

Also included is a new historical essay by Will Murray. Publisher Anthony Tollin writes “The Men Who Cast the Shadow,” brief bios of Gibson, Lovell and the Rozen brothers.

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