Saturday, April 12, 2014


Betty and Veronica Double Digest #221 [April 2014; $3.99] has 164 pages of stories and features from Archie Comics. 

My pick for the best of the bunch is "Flying High" by the late, great and oh-so-missed George Gladir with art by Bob Bolling (pencils), Jim Amash (inks) and Barry Grossman colors). The lettering is by Teresa Davidson. In this 15-page period adventure, the gals and Archie play other characters. Betty is a barnstorming pilot and stunt double for movie actress Veronica. Archie is Betty's mechanic. It's a fun story with a surprise guest star on the last page. This might also be the first publication of the story. I couldn't find any reprint information at the Grand Comics Database.

There are lots of other terrific writers and artists in this issue. To name a few: Frank Doyle, Dan DeCarlo, Rudy Lapick, Bill Golliner, Fernando Ruiz, Barbara Slate, Stan Goldberg, Dan Parent.

As always, I recommend these Archie double digests as a wonderful change of pace from the usual maybe-complete-in-twelve-issues comics you usually read. There are over thirty complete stories waiting for you here.

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  1. Michael Kelly SchurmanApril 13, 2014 at 2:04 PM

    Funny how the universe works (or doesn't sometimes).

    I used to see these Archie digests all over the place near the checkouts of retail places. Then you started reviewing them and I thought, yeah, Isabella's got a point -- Archie comics have always been refreshing -- I'll pick one of these up every once in a while.

    Now they've disappeared. I haven't seen one at Walmart or a grocery store in ages.


    CNN posts today Archie to be killed off
    in his "Life With Archie" #36 on July 16th.
    Of course Archie will live in other comics
    I guess they are trying to make sales like Batman, Spiderman, Superman
    demise of course it's only in "Life With Archie" series.
    Archie will still live on in other series.
    I just find it as innocence lost. As a kid growing up in the city
    seeing and going through a lot I had friends in jail, shot and OD
    I always found comfort in Archie just fantasying a life in Riverdale.
    Even my escape now is poisoned.
    - Jez