Saturday, October 1, 2016


Back Issue #92 [October, 2016; $8.95] is the “Bronze Age Halloween Issue” of the TwoMorrows publication that focuses on the Bronze Age comic books and beyond. The cover is by Thomas Yeates with colors by Glenn Whitmore. Inside are articles on Swamp Thing, The Witching Hour, The Phantom Stranger’s team-ups and the Living Mummy. I was interviewed for that last one.

The issue also has interviews with Saga of the Swamp Thing writer Martin Pasko and artist Yeates. It features a comics story which asks “What if Superheroes Wore Their Ben Cooper Costumes?” It has a group interview with Paul Kupperberg, Mike Mignola and P. Craig Russell of the 1987 Phantom Stranger mini-series. It also presents an index of Marvel Bronze Age horror reprints. All in all, it’s 84 pages of fearful fun, just in time for Halloween.

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