Friday, October 7, 2016


The Shadow is one of the greatest masters of disguise in adventure fiction of any kind. He had numerous secret identities used as the situations called for them. This is the theme of The Shadow #99: Mardi Gras Mystery and City of Fear [August 2015; $14.95] from my dear friend Anthony Tollin’s Sanctum Books. It reprints two novels by Walter B. Gibson and Theodore Tinsley, writing as Maxwell Grant.

Gibson’s Mardi Gras Mystery first appeared in The Shadow Magazine for September 1, 1935. From the back cover:

A puzzling mystery arises from colorful carnival festivities, leading The Shadow to assume a variety of identities to solve the Mardi Gras Mystery.  

Tinsley’s City of Fear first appeared in The Shadow Magazine dated October 15, 1940. From the back cover:

The Dark Avenger journeys to a City of Fear to unmask a master of disguise who can impersonate anyone - even The Shadow himself!

This volume has the usual informative essay by author and historian Will Murray as well as a special article on “The Many Faces of The Shadow by Tollin. It’s another great book from a publisher renown for making great books. I recommend it highly.

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