Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The Shadow #100: The Death Triangle, The Crimson Death and The Seven Deadly Arts [September 2015; $15.95] celebrates an incredible  milestone for my friend Anthony Tollin’s Sanctum Books. For this extra-size Centennial Edition, Tollin has collected three novels of The Shadow by the three writers who wrote under the house name of Maxwell Grant.

The Death Triangle is by Walter B. Gibson, one of the most prolific writers of all time. It was first published in the October 15, 1933 issue of The Shadow Magazine:

Death strikes, again and again. Mystery covers the affairs of the Wycliff household. Then The Shadow plays his hand against this scheme of death.

The Crimson Death by Theodore Tinsley first appeared in The Shadow Magazine for August 1, 1941:

Murder struck in a dizzy dance of death that drew even The Shadow into its arms.

The Seven Deadly Sins by Bruce Elliott is from The Shadow Magazine dated October 1946:

A mysterious cult murmuring eerie incantations..death occurring in the wake of an ancient curse. It was more than black magic and superstition–it was the clever plot of mortal men--and only The Shadow sensed the danger...

Also included in this volume is the original interior art for these novels by Tom Lovell, Paul Orban and Edd Cartier and historical commentary by Will Murray. Another great book for fans of classic pulp adventure.

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