Sunday, July 9, 2023


June is usually a very happy month for me. My Saintly Wife Barb and I were married on June 16, 1984. Our son Eddie was born on June 26, 1988. My summer garage sales most often begin in June. The weather is generally pretty nice, except when we’re attacked by death smoke from Canada. I knew those folks weren’t as nice as they pretend to be. They have revealed their true nature. But this June. It was a nightmare.

The worst event of the month was the passing of Simba, our beloved cat of fifteen years. She came to us a stray after she gone through brief stays with two of our neighbors. She became my buddy, hanging out in my office, napping with me, watching cheesy monster movies. In the case of the latter, I think she enjoyed watching those giant animals eating humans. Totally understandable. She’ll never leave my thoughts, but her loss was devastating.

Then, in no particular order...

Pinprick leaks in pipes destroyed both our downstairs bathroom and our laundry room. Getting them rebuilt (more or less) was expensive and time-consuming.

Our screened-in back porch had to be largely rebuilt at the cost of thousands of dollars. Simba loved hanging out on that porch. Sadly, she only got to sit out there once after it was finished. Which it really isn’t since the screening on the porch’s door has already become loose. We are hoping the installer will just fix the thing without any drama or further expense.

We did dodge a bullet. A roofer told us we needed a new roof. That turned out to be not the case. The roofer was just looking to get us to give him thousands of dollars. Nice try.

The scanner on my printer won’t work. Apparently, Hewlett Packard is insisting I have to register the device with them so they will able to collect data they have no right to. I’m going to call them next week and, if they won’t bend on that, I’ll be shopping for a new printer/scanner that’s not from Hewlett-Packard.

Note: I’ve owned and used this scanner for several years and never had this problem with it.

On the afternoon of the same day my scanner went wonky, our kitchen refrigerator went off the rails. Home Appliances, from whence we purchased the fridge, won’t come out to look at it until July 10th.
Because who needs a working refrigerator in July?

Note: we bought a smaller refrigerator for the garage and hope that will take care of us for now.

And don’t get me started on the criminally corrupt GOP appointees on the Supreme Court. These robed monsters don’t seem to understand or, more likely, don’t care that SCOTUS rulings are supposed to be
based on the Constitution, not ideology or religion. They remain a threat to democracy and our country.

Also don’t get me started on the moronic right-wing comics fans who have no concept of the largely progressive history of the American comics industry and especially its super-heroes. Comic books didn’t suddenly become “woke.” They were always progressive. They opposed the fascism you so eagerly embrace on your path to the dustbin of history. I’m so tired of these idiots I’ve started blocking them for being so damn cruel and ignorant.

Take a breath, Tony.

However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t embrace my search for joy in these often terrible times. On that note, here are the things that made me happy last month...


June 1: The Game Show Game, which ran four episodes on ABC, was an entertaining look at that part of the television industry. It left Saintly Wife Barb and I wanting more, so I hope we get an extended look at game shows on The History Channel.

June 2: Honestly, the Doctor Strange by Aaron & Bachalo Omnibus was not my Doctor Strange. It’s creepier and kookier than the classic version of the character and Strange has a much more disconcerting personality. Even so, I loved it. A lot.

June 3: Progress. On my coming garage sale launch (June 9-10) and on needed home repairs. One bathroom is being remodeled, our new back porch is set for next week and our landscaping looks terrific.Thanks to all who make this possible.


June 4: Walt Disney's Mickey and Donald: "For Whom the Doorbell Tolls" and Other Tales Inspired by Hemingway is just that, comics of those Disney icons based on short stories by the famous author.It’s entertaining and intriguing. A definite keeper.

June 5: Medina’s Tokyo Hibachi & Sushi. An informal restaurant with terrific food, lovely decor and fast friendly service. As the only Asian eatery open on Mondays, it’s become a regular option for me on that day.

June 6: I dreamed I was the answer to a Wheel of Fortune toss-up.One of the contestants got it right from just the “L” and the “T.” Pat and Vanna added that I was a lovely man and a fan of the show.
Ball’s in your court, Jeopardy.  

June 7: The LeBron James Family Foundation opened an “I Promise” development in his hometown of Akron. It will provide a home for 50 families. Whether playing in Cleveland or not, James will always be my favorite basketball player.


June 8: Aimée de Jongh’s Days of Sand is a graphic novel set in the U.S. Dust Bowl of the 1930s.hen the Medina Library system didn’t have a copy, I asked they order one. They did and it will be sent to me soon. I love libraries.

June 9: Pros and (Comic) Cons. Editor Hope Nicholson put together a fun comics and prose anthology. I especially enjoyed Bud Plant’s historical journey and the pieces by woman and gays, proof of our industry’s true growth.  

June 10: I avoid repeating “things” as much as possible, but I must again praise Rle Aruga’s Perfect World. In the second volume, the romance between Tsugumi and wheelchair user Itsuki grows stronger, even as they face serious new challenges.

June 11: Another repeat. Yuto Suzuk’s Sakamoto Days gets wilder and more fun with each new book. The legendary hitman retired, but that hasn’t stopped assassins from coming after him and even joining his hilarious extended family. I love it!

June 12: Another terrific Vast Accumulation of Stuff find. I have no memory of how I got them, but I just unearthed several Japanese-language volumes of the Ranma manga. They will be part of my manga- for-a-buck display at my garage sales. 


June 13: Flung out of Space is a graphic biography by Grace Ellis and Hannah Templer covering a few pivotal years in the life of the  novelist and comics writer Patricia Highsmith. It’s well-written, well-drawn and most engaging. Highly recommended. 6-13-23.

June 14: She-Hulk by Rainbow Rowell Vol. 1: Jen, Again (2022) is a fun take on my favorite Marvel Universe attorney. It’s got heart, humor and neat guest appearance. Much preferable to the grotesque takes on the character seen elsewhere.

June 15: Though I haven’t read Miss Fury: Joy Division yet, I think it’s pretty cool that the copy I borrowed from my local library is autographed by writer Billy Tucci.

June 16: I had an incredibly terrific Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sale, followed by taking Saintly Wife Barb to the also very terrific Brown Derby restaurant in Medina to celebrate 39 years of marriage. Doesn’t get better than that.

June 17: Another glorious day in Medina. Chatted with cool people at my garage sale. Saintly Wife Barb and I attended Medina’s most excellent Juneteenth celebration on the town square. Had lunch at Jane’s Diner, another fine local restaurant.

June 18: I had a swell Father’s Day. My first ever visit to Half-Price Books. A new keyboard to replace the faded-letters one I’ve used for two decades or more. Lunch at Tokyo Hibachi with Saintly Wife Barb, Eddie and Kelly. Just perfect.


June 19: In Gido Amagakore’s A Galaxy Next Door, a lovely princess from a mysterious island becomes an assistant to a struggling manga artist raising his two young siblings. Honest laughs and romance. I’m looking forward to future volumes.

June 20: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Sometimes challenging but always rewarding, this animated feature earns a place among the best super-hero films of all time. The second part of this amazing epic can’t get here soon enough for me.

June 21: Miss Fury: Joy Division by Billy Tucci, Maria Laura Sanapo and Edu Menna. Set in World War II, this brutal and gripping tale of the classic heroine behind enemy lines has emotional weight and a satisfying ending.


June 22: The Wrath of Becky. A teenage girl slaughtering neo-Nazis.My hero. The sequel is almost as good as the original. Lulu Wilson again shines as the title protagonist with the end scenes teasing a third movie. Take my money!

June 23: Mafia Mamma. The always terrific Toni Collette shines as an American woman in full midlife crisis who finds herself the boss of a mob family in Rome. Great performances by the bast. Dark but hilarious humor. Barb and I loved it.

June 24: There was no garage sale today, but I couldn’t turn away the fan who came from North Carolina to get his Black Lightning #1 and Hawkman #1 signed. I let him shop the garage and also gave him a signed Black Lightning Funko figure.

June 25: For 15 years, I had the greatest little buddy a man could have. She hung out in my office, climbed comic-book boxes to look out the window, took naps with me. We gave each other a good life.
I’ll miss her forever.

June 26: As of today, Eddie Isabella is eligible to be President of the United States. My son is one of the finest men I know and, even if he weren’t my son, I’d vote for him. Plus: he goes to Godzilla movies and conventions with me.


June 27: Guilty pleasure! I got a great deal on Wonder Woman: The Silver Age Omnibus from In Stock Trades, my go to retailer for such pricier items. I can’t wait to start reading this wacky tales from my childhood.

June 28: The kindness shown us on the passing of Simba. Our friend Shari brought us a peach pie and a lovely framed photo of our pet. Our other daughter Giselle sent us LukPhylia cat memorial gifts. We are blessed with good people in our lives.

June 29: No matter what this insane world throws at me, I’m way too stubborn to quit. You might think about that before you’re looking at your bloody heart in my hand.

June 30: Last year about this time, Sophia came to one of my garage sales and asked me to sign her cast. This year, she brought me this great picture she drew of Simba as a memory of my furry little pal.
I hope Sophia is what the future looks like.

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

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