Tuesday, May 14, 2024




Looking at the photo above, you might not think my inaugural VAST ACCUMULATION OF STUFF GARAGE SALE is anywhere near ready for what I hope will be a horde of eager customers. But looks in this case are deceiving. Yes, I will be burning the midnight electricity to be ready for Friday morning. Even so, I’m optimistic the customers will be amazed at all the goodies on sale.

Here’s the basic information. My first garage sales will be Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, from nine a.m. to noon at 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio. The garage sales are CASH ONLY, so visit your friendly neighborhood ATM before you come to them. Be assured that I will not close the garage doors at noon if there are still fans shopping the sale.

With sufficient advance notice, I can arrange to be open Friday or Saturday afternoons...and sometimes on Sunday. To set up a special appointment, email me and we’ll work it out. Because of the nature of the VAOS, I can’t offer you specific information on what will be in the sales. Just some general comments. That said...

I will have many boxes of bargain-priced comic books, hardcovers and trade paperbacks. I will have a table packed with manga books and magazine at a buck each. Depending on how much room I have, the table will also have digest science fiction mags and paperbacks at a buck each.

There will be Batman treasury editions on sale, collectible phones at greatly reduced prices, comic books and pop culture items, sets of trading cards, and graded and slabbed issues of the Silver Age Hawkman. These issues are my file copy from when I was writing the Hawks back in the 1980s.

I have dozens of very cool Funko figured, almost all of them priced at just five dollars each. Also available will be the very limited edition (only 50 were made) Tigra pin-up by the amazing Jay Fife. The posters are signed by both Jay and myself.

I’ll be selling the exclusive-to-me reprint of Misty Knight’s first appearance. It’s one of the best bargains of the garage sale, just ten bucks for a signed and numbered limited edition issue. When I’m signing at a convention, I charge ten bucks for my signature. With this item, you get an exclusive comic book and my signature. A mere 1500 of these were printed and the cover isn’t on any other version of this reprint.

There will be boxes of dollar-priced comics with many gems included therein. There will be boxes of magazines. There will be hardcovers and trade paperbacks too large to fit in the comics/magazine boxes. So much goodness in one garage.

What you won’t be seeing at these first garage sales are Isabella-written books and comics. Over the winter, my file copies of these things got intermingled with my extra copies. It’s gonna take some time to get them organized. Look for the return of these Isabella-written items in June.

At this point, it does not seem likely that I will have any mystery boxes available for sale. I don’t have a lot of suitable boxes to fill and I may not have time to fill even those before I open the garage door on Friday. They will be back as soon as possible and in several sizes. The regular boxes will be $10, the adults only boxes will be $15, and the new double-sized boxes will be $20.

As always, I will sign Isabella items for free at my garage sales. I’ll sign as many books and comics as you want, but I’ll be signing them in between waiting on customers. As stated, there’s no charge for my signing these, but, be a good person and buy some stuff from me as well.

When I have time, I’ll be happy to answer your questions about my comics career and comics in general. Just understand I need to make sure my customers aren’t waiting around to pay for their purchases.

Three more important notes.

Not every item in my garage sales are suitable for all ages. I’ll be happy to assist you in finding age-appropriate material for your children.

No weapons are allowed at the garage sale. The one exception here is on duty police officers or military personnel. I thank you for your service and welcome you to my sales.

I reserve the right to deny service to anyone. We all know we live in contentious times. I want my garage sales to be a relative oasis of fun and kindness. Spirited discussions of comics are fine, but let’s be better than the Internet.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with more bloggy things and more information on upcoming garage sales.

© 2024 Tony Isabella



Tuesday, May 7, 2024


The world and my country are becoming more unhinged by the minute. While I fully intend to address that insanity in future editions of the bloggy, I can’t do so right now lest I curl into a fetal ball of despair and rage.

So I instead turn to that which gives me hope and joy in a world of madness. Every day, to combat the encroaching darkness, I shine a light on something good and positive.

Here are the things that made me happy in April...

April 1: Though his broken ankle kept my great friend Mark Evanier from WonderCon, I spent a few hours the night before the event with him and Brinke Stevens at his place. It was a fun evening and much arcane knowledge was shared.

April 2: Godzilla X Kong The New Empire. It’s a great movie, much better than Legendary’s previous film. Great monster action and the critters exhibit real personality. Equally terrific human stories, which I think made for great kaiju movies.


April 3: WonderCon 2024. From the moment we arrived at WonderCon, we were treated with much kindness and respect by the showrunners, the crew, the volunteers, the creators and the fans. It was one of my best conventions ever.

April 4: WonderCon 2024. Jhonny Javier and Reese Goldman came by my table. Jhonny had come from Argentina a week prior. I was delighted to welcome him and be part of his first US convention experience. So many great WonderCon memories.

April 5: WonderCon. I receive great joy from “The Ripple Effect,” people whose lives I affected. Pam Noles credits my Cosmic Comics store for her love of comics. Today, she’s a L.A. stage manager who works for Comicon. Wonderful to see you again, Pam.

April 6: WonderCon. Hosted by Victor Dandridge and sponsored by the  Comic Arts Conference, my spotlight panel was amazing and a big hit with those in attendance. I love getting opportunities to educate and entertain.

April 7: WonderCon 2024. Joshua Reed was the letterer of my Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands series and did a wonderful job with my scripts. I got to meet him at the convention and sign his copy of
the trade. I hope I can work with him again.

April 8: WonderCon. Asked about Black Lightning, Cold Dead Hands, I was pleased to extol the editorial contributions of Jim Chadwick and Harvey Richards...and to hear other creators speak as highly of them. Wish we had done more together.

April 9: WonderCon 2024. I could post these happy things all month long and I wouldn’t begin to cover all the amazing folks I met and all the amazing times my family and I had. I’ll try to write a full convention report soon.


April 10: Post-WonderCon 2024. Our best and favorite meal of this trip was at 18 Folds, an Asian fusion restaurant in Anaheim. That meal was built around the incredible steamer party platter. It was $64 but enough deliciousness for the four of us.

April 11: Godzilla: Awakening by Max Borenstein and Greg Borenstein with art by Eric Battle, Yvel Guichet and Alan Quah. Reprinted in  Legends of the Monsterverse, it’s an exciting introduction to the Godzilla and Kong comics from Legendary.

April 12: Silver Age Classics: Konga Volume One. From PS Artbooks, this reprints issues #1-5 of the Charlton series adapted from the 1961 movie. Even the stories not drawn by Ditko are entertaining. More to come.

April 13: Caitlin Clark was hilarious and inspirational on Saturday Night Live. She held her own on Weekend Update while giving shout outs to other players and the women who paved the way for both her success and the success of women’s basketball.


April 14: Gaytheist: Coming Out of My Orthodox Childhood by Lonnie Mann and Ryan Gatts is a compelling graphic novel about a young gay man (Mann) escaping from his birth religion. The more any religion controls its followers, the less I like it.

April 15: A Guest in the House by Emily Carroll. It’s a unsettling ghost story about a second wife who is surrounded by dark questions about her husband’s first wife. It’s downright chilling in places and would make a great scary movie. 


April 16: I Have No Shelf Control. This shirt speaks to me. It was a gift from a dear friend who knows me all too well.

April 17: Belle of the Ball by Mari Costa. A 2024 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for LGBTQ+ Comics, this teen romantic comedy captivated me from the start. High school drama, new friends, old friends. Just a treasure.

April 18: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Finally watched it on Max. An excruciatingly bad performance by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta didn’t stop me from enjoying this film. So many great Arthur and Orm moments.

April 19: CSI Vegas. The “Atomic City” episode was the best of the season to date. Creepy murders. Moving scenes for the regular cast. John Ross Bowie as a quirky survivalist. A conclusion I didn’t see coming. Excellent television!

April 20: From Fantagraphics, The Atlas Comics Library No. 2: Venus Vol. 2 has arrived. Since I consider this title one of the most fun and fascinating of Atlas comics, I’m delighted to see the rest of it collected in such a great package.

April 21. The Legends of the Monsterverse boxed set from Legendary Comics. Having finished reading, I recommend it even more highly. Some of the stories are great, all are entertaining. And the bonus content is incredible!

April 22: The Daily Show. I was absolutely thrilled and surprised by the return of the wonderful Jessica Williams. The comedic timing between her and host Jon Stewart was flawless. I hope we see more of her on the show that invented news.


April 23: My Black Lightning Glowing Logo Power Bank was a cast and crew gift from the TV series. When funds permit, I’ve been looking for such gifts on eBay. I want my BL Archives as cool as possible for whatever institution gets it after my death.

April 24: The newest Daily Show correspondents. Troy Iwata, Grace Kuhlenschmidt and Josh Johnson have been growing into their roles and doing a great job. Kuhlenschmidt is my favorite, but they are all terrific.

April 25: “What Remains of America,” a chilling story of a future by my old Marvel Bullpen buddy Scott Edelman, headlines Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #25. It’s a tale that holds great meaning for me as I see the insane world around me.

April 26: Not Dead Yet’s season finale was one of the show’s best episodes and laid fertile ground for a third season. Nell’s secret (she can talk to ghosts) is now known by a most unlikely character
and Lexi has bought the newspaper. More please.

April 27: Alma by John Holland and Hernan Gonzalez. The Chosen One is a 72-year-old grandmom with bad knees. That’s the irresistible premise of this series, coming soon to a Kickstarter near you. I’m going to support it and hope you will, too.


April 28: My Black Lightning archives grows with the cool addition of this rare cast and crew Holloway black nylon jacket from the TV series. It’s a medium, so I won’t be wearing it, but it’s still a nice artifact from a great run.


April 29: Yet another addition to my Black Lightning archives. It’s a Black Lightning Season 1 cast/crew trucker cap. I can actually wear this one because it’s large enough to fit my head, even when people tell me I’m a legend.

April 30: I have Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sale fever. My garage is full of boxes I’ll be going through to fill my inaugural sale with cool items. Opening weekend is May 17-18 and that’s just the start of an amazing summer.

And now...Tony’s Best of the Bloggy Thing Month. Three categories. Three winners.

BEST COMIC OF THE MONTH: Gaytheist: Coming Out of My Orthodox Childhood by Lonnie Mann and Ryan Gatts

BEST MOVIE/TV SHOW OF THE MONTH: Godzilla X Kong The New Empire


The start of my Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales is Friday and Saturday, May 17 and 18, 840 Damon Drive in Medina, Ohio. The sales run from 9 am to noon each day. However, if there’s customers still shopping at noon, I won’t push them out the door.

If these hours don’t work for people, I am amenable to opening the garage doors most Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings, and all day Sunday. Just contact me and we’ll set up a time that works for both of us.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

© 2024 Tony Isabella

Wednesday, May 1, 2024




FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is a high holy holiday for comics fans and the comic-book industry in general. It celebrates readers, retailers, characters and creators. It’s like Christmas if the jolly fat man bringing presents was a delivery driver instead of Santa Claus and if the presents were promotional comic books and if the eager kids waiting eagerly for their gifts were mostly men in their forties or fifties. Okay, maybe that’s not an exact analogy, but the youngster in me still tries to stay up all night waiting for those deliveries to arrive. God bless us all everyone!

Every year, I like to participate in the FCBD activities by being a guest at a comics store or some other related venue. This year, on Saturday, May 4, from 11 am to 2 pm, I’ll be signing comics and posing for photos at the wondrous Sweets and Geeks, 342 East Smith Road in my own Medina, Ohio.

Sweets and Geeks is one of my favorite places in Medina. They have an amazing selection of obscure candy and soda pops from all over the world. They have thousands of Funko figures, role-playing and other games, comic books...as well as merchandise from the worlds of super-heroes, pop culture, and Star Wars. It’s like visiting the North Pole in my hometown.

This year, Free Comic Book Day overlaps with Star Wars Day. I can feel the Force is with me. Even though the store owners said no to my Slave Leia cosplay. Baby Yoda, it is.

Sweets and Geeks will give you up to five free comic books on FCBD.They will be having a 15% off sale on comic books and other things.They will have exclusive Funko products. Visitors can go into their spacious game room to try out some board hames.

When you feel a mite peckish, you can enjoy terrific stuff from the E.O.D. food truck that will be in the Sweets and Geeks parking lot from 11 am to 4 pm. This is a veteran owned and operated trailer honoring those who served by serving delicious yummies!

I’m looking forward to signing things for the fans, answering their questions about my work and comic books in general and handing out fliers for my upcoming Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales. I will be kicking those off on Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, from nine to noon at 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio. I’ll announce more dates in the near future.

Don’t be alarmed if you see Mommy kissing the comics delivery guy. It’s just your dad dressed up for the holiday!

I’ll be back soon with more stuff!

© 2024 Tony Isabella