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Monte Hale Western #67 [December 1951] is another comic book which
I know nothing about.  In situations like this, I usually make up
something but the mere thought of “extra Gabby Hayes” frightens me.
Especially if it involves clones.  However, if I can’t tell you
anything about this specific issue, I can tell you things about the
title’s history and its star.

Fawcett published 54 issues of Monte Hale Western from October 1948
to June 1953.  The first issue of the title was #29, continuing its
numbering from Mary Marvel.  The last issue was #82.  When Fawcett
closed its comics shop, Charlton picked up the title with #83 and
published six issues from February 1955 to January 1956.

Hale was a singing cowboy who starred in B-westerns in the 1950s.
In addition to his own title, he also appeared in Real Western Hero
(Fawcett), Cowboy Western and Six-Gun Heroes (Charlton) and, in
more recent times, Best of the West and Men of Mystery (AC).
Fawcett adapted three of his movies: Pioneer Marshal, Old Frontier
and The Missourians

Some notes from Boyd Magers’ Comic Book Cowboys:

Initially, Carl Pfeufer, best known for his exciting work on
Fawcett’s Tom Mix, drew Monte’s stories, with an inking assist from
John Jordan. Pfeufer captured a good likeness of Monte, but the
artist most closely associated with Hale as of #34 is Edmond Good
who pictured Monte with a dynamic, forceful flair for action.

Other artists who worked on Monte Hale from time to time were Max
Elkan, Al Bare, Gil Kane and Bob Laughlin, as well as a couple of
unidentified artists. But Good contributed about 75% of the Hale

Gabby Hayes back-up stories began in Monte Hale with #34 and ran
through #80 with art often by Leonard Frank.

Monte’s exciting stories riding his movie horse Pardner featured a
series of recurring and unique villains—The Gravedigger, Minstrel
Man, Wolfman and The Coyote.

I just discovered Comic Book Cowboys and I suspect I’ll be visiting
it often.  Very informative.

Keep watching this bloggy thing for more vintage comic-book covers
from my birth month,

Some notes on this and that...

If you’re sending a review item for my “40 Years and a Mule” offer,
be sure to include (if applicable) information on where my readers
can order said item.  Not to mention your own mailing address so I
can send you your bundle of ten comics from my garage sale stock.
My mailing address remains:

Tony Isabella
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I expect to start writing and posting these reviews starting next
week.  Sooner if I decide to post them as stand-alone items apart
from my regular daily blogging.


Orders for my garage sales mystery boxes are coming in as fast as
I anticipated.  Please be patient waiting for confirmation of your
order.  I have to process them around the other things I have to do
daily.  I’ll do my best to keep confirmation delays at a minimum.

There may be additional delays in shipping out the orders because
it seems an unknown villain snuck up on me while I was napping this
weekend and took a baseball bat to my knee.  At least that’s what
it feels like.  Hobbling up and down stairs while screaming in pain
is not conducive to optimum mystery box production.  I’m soldiering
on, but, if it gets much worse, I may have to call my old pal Steve
Austin for a referral.  On my wish list...laser beams for whatever
body parts they have to replace.


I’ve reviewed and praised Bakuman on several occasions.  Written by
Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata, it’s the ongoing story of
two young manga creators, fiercely dedicated to each other and to
manga.  Of all the manga I’m currently reading, it is my favorite.

Bakuman Volume 15 [Viz; $9.99] was just released and it’s the best
volume to date.  Not only does it conclude a storyline started in
the previous book, but it expands that storyline into a scary look
at one of the supporting character and introduces a new storyline
involving adverse publicity for our lead characters and the effect
it has them.  It’s a satisfying hunk of comics for just ten bucks.
It literally left me breathless with excitement.

ISBN 978-1-4215-4291-1


While we were hanging out at Wizard World’s Ohio Comic Con, Roger
“Founder of Mid-Ohio-Con” Price and I were discussing how the beds
at the Hyatt Regency were the most comfortable hotel beds we’d ever
slept on.  However, one night’s deep sleep resulted in perhaps the
strangest comic-book dream I’ve ever had...

Something I had written somewhere had angered some major executive
types at Marvel Comics.  They sent me an angry e-mail complaining
about what I’d written.  The message included and then repeated the
words “not helpful commentary” several times.  However, each time,
the phrase was written backwards - ton lufpleh yratnemmoc - in big
bold letters. 

Then, on Twitter, one of the executives tweeted that he always ate
healthy and then tried to prove it by linking to a picture of “the
healthy sandwich he just ate.”

The sandwich was an enormous multi-burger thing on what looked like
a foot long baguette dripping with cheese and bacon and some saucy
that resembled gravy.  My heart almost stopped just looking at it.
Then I woke up.

I have no idea what this dream means.  But it was too weird not to
share it with you.


The Dark Knight Rises has left my local movie theater and Dredd is
only playing at one inconvenient time a day there.  Which means I
will be viewing them on DVD or Blu-ray, depending on which versions
of the films become available from my local library first.  I’m #61
on the list for The Dark Knight Rises and Dredd doesn’t show up in
my search at this time. 

I hadn’t intended to see The Dark Knight Rises in the theater when
it debuted because I pretty much hated the previous Batman movie.
I was considering seeing Dredd, but its apparent failure at the box
office made the decision for me.  Well, that and a sudden influx of
paying gigs of one sort or another.

I’ll make time for a Marvel movie because those usually entertain
me.  DC movies?  Not so much.  Dredd? If the local theater switches
that one daily showing to late morning or early afternoon, I might
see if after all.  In any case, I’ll see these two movies whenever
they become available for home viewing...and more than likely have
something to say about them when I do.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2012 Tony Isabella

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