Thursday, October 18, 2012


As of this posting, I have put together the first 19 out of 20 mystery box orders.  It's "19" because one troll canceled his order.  He's not a troll because he canceled his order, but that's another story.

Of those 19 orders, I have shipped 11 boxes and have another 5 boxes ready to be shipped tomorrow.  I'm awaiting payment on the remaining 3 boxes.

I've received some very nice comments from those who have already received their boxes, so it looks like this crazy sale was a fairly good idea.

Over the weekend, I will be sending invoices on the 9 additional mystery box orders I've accepted. 

I will not be accepting any more orders until those 9 boxes are ready for shipping.

After that, I'll look at what's left from my summer garage sales and proceed from there.  The make-up of the standard mystery box may change slightly depending on what's left. 

I might also offer specialized mystery boxes: all VHS tapes or all hardcovers or all trade paperbacks.

Specialized mystery boxes may end up being offered via my weekly Vast Accumulation of Stuff sales which post every Monday.  I haven't thought that far ahead.

Empty comic book and magazine boxes are available for $2 each and with no quantity limitations.  But you have to arrange to come to my house to pick them up.

If you haven't checked out this week's VAOS sale, there are still many good items being offered there.

Thanks for your support.


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