Monday, October 8, 2012


Whenever I plugged my Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales, I’d
get e-mails, messages and posts from my bloggy thing readers and my
Facebook friends wishing they didn’t live too far away to travel to
my sales.  After my final garage sale of the summer, my immediate
thought can I cheer up those poor souls who couldn’t make
it to my garage sales?

I’m lying.  My immediate thought was...I have to move all of these
books back to the Fortress of Storage until next year’s sales.  How
can I make that job easier?  But, after that, swear to Godzilla, I
thought of you poor guys and gals because that’s the kind of swell
guy I am.

Here’s the deal...

I’ve started putting together garage sale mystery boxes which will
be available for $25 each including shipping and handling.  Each of
these boxes will contain the following:

About 100 comic books, including at least 5 suitable-for-all-ages
comic books.

1-2 trade paperbacks

1-2 hardcovers

1-2 paperbacks

1-2 magazines/fanzines

1-2 VHS tapes

Each box will contain one item written and signed by me. 

Even at my ridiculously low garage sale prices, the mystery boxes
will contain at least $28 worth of stuff and usually more.  If you
go by the original costs of the items, you’re looking at well over
$200 worth of stuff.  That’s a darn good deal.

The mystery boxes will be sold on a first come first served basis,
one to a customer, while supplies last.  The offer is only good for
buyers in the continental United States. 

To order a box, you must e-mail me.  No comments to this blog.  No
comments or private messages on Facebook.  You have to e-mail me
as I feel that’s how I can best manage the first come first served part
of this sale. 

You can pay by check, money order or PayPal.  Your payment method
doesn’t affect your place in the line.  When I receive your e-mail,
you’re on the list.  Then you have to pay me within 10 days of my
confirming your e-mail.  If I fail to receive your payment after 10
days, you will be removed from the list. 

Some things you should know before you order:

No special requests or substitutions.  Customizing boxes will slow
me down and I’m already certain that I’ll be behind on shipping out
boxes within hours of this blog posting.

You’re not going to find Golden Age comic boxes in these boxes.  Or
Silver Age comics.  Or Bronze Age comics. Let’s be realistic here.
I’m not selling expensive back issues at garage sale prices or, in
this case, less than garage sale prices.

What you will find in these boxes is a variety of comic books from
a variety of genres and publishers.  You probably won’t have even
heard of some of the comic books until you hold them in your hands.
I’ve accumulated way too much stuff over the years.  Consider this
an adventure in your own accumulation of stuff.

Expect delays.  I can’t devote more than an hour or two every day
to putting these boxes together.  I may run out of the boxes I am
using and there will be delays until I can get more of them.  The
boxes will be shipped via media mail and that can take over a week
to reach you.  Used boxes, media mail, no outside workers...that’s
how I’m keeping the cost of the boxes at $25.

If you live in the area of Medina, Ohio or are passing through the
area, you can possibly pick up your mystery box at my home and save
$10 off the cost of your box.  But you must make arrangements to do
this after I let you know that your box is ready.

If you do come to my home, you will also have an opportunity to buy
as many empty comics and magazine boxes as you wish at the insanely
low price of $2 each.  These are used and sometimes really lightly
used boxes.  If I was smarter, I would have been selling them all
summer long.  D-oh!

I know some of you expressed an interest in buying more than one of
my mystery boxes.  As it is, I don’t expect to put together enough
of them to be able to meet the demand.  If I’ve miscalculated, I’ll
start allowing multiple purchases. 

The mystery boxes and the empty boxes will be available as long as
supplies last...or until my Sainted Wife Barb insists we be able to
park both of our vehicles in the garage.

If you have questions not covered by the above, ask them.  I’ll do
my best to respond promptly.

The mystery box sale is now open.


My Vast Accumulation of Stuff online sales will resume on Monday,
October 15, with what I hope will be a long list of terrific stuff
at very reasonable prices.  Watch for it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2012 Tony Isabella

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