Saturday, October 8, 2016


Netflix held its Luke Cage TV series premiere at the Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem on Wednesday, September 28. It was followed by an after party at the Cecil Restaurant. I was invited to these events by virtue of having co-creating Misty Knight, who appears in this series and who will be appearing in other Marvel/Netflix series as well. If you read yesterday’s bloggy thing, you know this was an amazing evening for me.

My niece and goddaughter Kata Isabella was my “plus one” for these events. She took a bunch of great photos and I’ve been using them on my Facebook page. All of the photos in today’s bloggy thing were taken by Kara.

Inside the theater:

The ticket:

Me with photos of much more impressive people:
The premiere red carpet:
My too comfortable seat:

The “Special Thanks” card:
Misty co-creator Arvell Jones and me:

Arvell and Wanda Jones:

Simone “Misty Knight” Missick with her comic-book dads:

And another:

A selfie of Kara and me:
I love this shot, but I don’t know who I’m being introduced to in it. Can anyone enlighten me? I ask this knowing I’m going to feel really stupid when you tell me.

The after party:

Mike “Luke Cage” Colter with Arvell, Wanda, and the shortest man in comics:

Arvell and me:

Comics artist Shawn Martinbrough with Arvell and me:

Not to put even the slightest damper on this great evening, but I am disappointed that none of the comics news sites appear to have covered it. This was a classy event. Luke Cage is a very important show. I think it should have been covered.

I flew in to New York on Wednesday, barely getting to my hotel in time to leave for the premiere. I flew back on Friday morning. I’ll be writing about the rest of my trip in tomorrow’s bloggy. See you then, my friends.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the person you are being introduced to, that you asked to be enlightened about, is actor Dorian Missick. He is Simone's husband.

  2. Congratulations again, Tony! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Keep on dreaming. (|:{>