Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I try to write these bloggy things two days before I post them to
give me a chance to rethink them. However, today’s bloggy thing is
more a “seat of my pants” thing. I had a mostly blah weekend and,
very unusual for me, I just didn’t feel like writing anything.

Various events triggered a two-day depression attack. It appears
a comics industry figure who I cherish is guilty of what I consider
serious fraud...which is all I’m going to say about it. My heroes
are not exempt from the feet of clay which inflict the rest of us
at times in our lives. I’m used to it and I’m resigned to it, but
it still hurts when it manifests.

Politics always threaten to bring me down, especially when I see
the willful ignorance of some. A poster to this blog parrots the
right-wing misinformation he’s been given and I know he’s going by
the party playbook because, over the weekend, several letters with
identical wording are printed in local newspapers.

There’s been some sort of glitch in the distribution of Grim Ghost
#6, the final issue of my first story arc for the series. I know
the book has been printed because I have received my copies of it.
But the stores don’t have it yet and that means I can’t learn what
my readers thought of an issue of which I am quite proud.

My closing in on 60-year-old body gave me some unsettling moments.
That’s always enormous fun.

And, while the weather in our Medina area has been quite nice this
week, Casa Isabella is fighting a never-ending battle against all
those damn leaves that have fallen from the two large trees I have
been wanting to take down for over a decade.

On the good side of the life equation, Sainted Wife Barb and I had
a good time raking up the leaves. Lots of jokes, lots of time to
talk about things, and a certain satisfaction in a job well done.
Which - grrr - will likely have to be done again before all those
freaking leaves are down.

On the recommendation of friends, I watched the first two episodes
of BBC’s Sherlock, a modern-day version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s
great detective. They were wonderful and I look forward to seeing
the rest of the series.

The fifth season of Primeval made its debut on BBC America over the
weekend. I’ve been enjoying this series from the start and, while
there were some missteps in this season debut, there was also much
of what I enjoy. A major mystery concerning one of the characters
was revealed and I’m delighted it was not dragged out for episode
after episode as is too often the case with TV shows.

The final score for the weekend: your basic mixed bag. Maybe a bit
more bad than good, but not so much that I didn’t wake up on Monday
morning eager to back to work.

Having finished reading and reviewing the first month of DC’s “New
52,” I’ll return to some other unfinished business on the morrow.
See you then.

© 2011 Tony Isabella


  1. Tony, on that Sherlock series, there only is one more episode/movie in the first "series." Series 2 is due on PBS next May, and will be 3 more episodes.

  2. Don't cut your trees. They're doing their part to soak up carbon from the atmosphere.

  3. Grenadier...For some reason, I thought there was more than one episode on the second disc. I'm eagerly awaiting the second series.

  4. "Other Tony"...you're right, darn it. Now tell me what I can plant to soak up those right-wing whack jobs in my city.

  5. There's also the original, unaired "pilot" version of the first SHERLOCK episode on the second disc. Same story and almost identical cast, but half an hour shorter, made on a much lower budget and with a few differences in plot details. Makes a very interesting comparison.