Wednesday, August 14, 2013


When I was writing all those blog entries about Comic-Con International 2013, I missed writing about the event's very cool souvenir book.  This isn't a review - I'll be enjoying the book a few pages at a time over the next several weeks - but I did want to mention this wonderful production.

The Dave McKean cover celebrates the 25th anniversary of Neil Gaiman's Sandman and was created exclusively for the convention.

Behind that cover, the 224-page book has articles about Superman, Doctor Who, the Avengers, Doctor Strange, the X-Men, ElfQuest, the Tick, the Eisner Awards, Bongo Comics, Milestone Comics, Strangers in Paradise, TwoMorrows Publishing, Aspen Comics, and, of course, the Sandman.  Illustrating the articles is art from professionals and fans, all expressing their love for these great creations, events and publishers.  In addition, there are articles on SDCC 2013's special guests, on the Eisner Awards, on the 2013 Eisner nominees, on the 2012 Eisner, Inkpot and other award winners.  There's also a moving "In Memoriam" section on creative greats who have passed since last year's event.

The souvenir book is a special treasure and, if you are fortunate enough to attend Comic-Con, make sure you get one.  You'll cherish it.

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