Monday, May 26, 2014


Recently published by Archie Comics, World of Archie Double Digest #37 [April 2014] has the usual dozens of fun stories by the usual gang of terrific talents: Frank Doyle, Dan DeCarlo, Rudy Lapick, Harry Lucey, George Gladir, Fernando Ruiz, Mike Pellowski, Stan Goldberg, Rex Lindsey, Samm Schwartz, Joe Edwards and more, including one story penciled by Sal Amendola.

The digest reprints four Doyle/DeCarlo, Lapick stories from the pre-Pussycats Josie #32 [February  1968. They are: "Bust Out," "Love Out," "Turn Out," and "Ruled Out." I'm sensing a theme there. As I've said before, World of Archie Double Digest is worth buying just for the Josie reprints.

One other story deserves mention. Reggie stars in "A Date with Suzy Stringbean" by an unknown writer, penciler Rex Lindsey and inker Jon D'Agostino. Suzy was a character from the Little Archie stories and, in this tale, we get to see how she's grown. Predictable, but fun.

Even if you're not an avid Archie reader, I think these digests continue to make for a nice change of pace from the other comics you're reading.  Check them out sometime.

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