Thursday, September 25, 2014


My last Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales of 2014 happen this weekend, Friday and Saturday, September 26 and 27, at the Isabellafamily garage at 840 Damon Drive in Medina, Ohio. The hours of the sale are as follows:

Friday, September 26: 9 am to noon
Saturday, September 27: 9 am to noon
Saturday, September 27: 5-7 pm

In addition to my VAOS garage sale, several families in my general vicinity are holding a neighborhood garage sale. The sale started Wednesday night and will continue on Thursday and Friday. I don’t have the exact times, but, after you hit my garage sale on Friday,you might want to wander around the nearby streets a bit and see if anything else catches your eye.

Yesterday, I put together a dozen mystery boxes for this weekend’s garage sale. These mystery boxes cost a mere five dollars each and are packed with stuff from my previous garage sales. My customers love these and I expect all twelve boxes will seel before I close the garage door on the last garage sale of 2014.

Today is my major restocking day: quarter comic books, paperbacks, magazines, trade paperbacks and hardcovers. The paperbacks and the magazines are also a quarter each. The trade paperbacks are $2 and the hardcovers are $5.

I did some further research on the Superman peanut butter and the Superman cocoa tin. My pal Tim Stroup also did some research for me on how dangerous/toxic they might be. It looks like the two items are fairly harmless. So, while I will have a sign warning buyers against actually using these products, I’m not going to have those buyers sign a release.

I should also thank the anonymous troll who tried to post a comment to this blog in which he claimed my concern over not poisoning my customers was indicative of the “godless liberal socialist nanny state” our Kenyan president and his same-sex wife wanted to make of our nation. His note was like a five-hour energy shot of bigotry and ignorance. Oh, right-wing fanatics, how you amuse me day after day. Almost as much as you terrify me.

However...I have and will continue to turn down offers to buy these items from sellers who want me to mail said items to them. That’s just not gonna happen. “Fairly harmless” doesn’t translate to “no chance of these things stinking up the post office if they should break or open in transit. Sorry.

After the major restocking is done, I’ll see if I have time to addmore expensive comic books and Isabella-written items to the sale.Or price and add other cool items to the sale. Or maybe even throw together a few more mystery boxes.

I will have copies of my award-deserving 1000 Comic Books You Must Read on sale at $20 each. As always, I’m happy to sign those copies or any other Isabella-written items free of charge.

I’ll also have a selection of rare two-sided Superman posters and other rare Superman posters on sale at $10 each. Once I resume my online sale, those two-sided Superman posters (shown above) will be available for mail-order sales. You’ll find the details in a near-future bloggy thing.

Depending on how well Friday’s sale goes, I do plan on restocking for Saturday’s sale. I’ll have another brief update for you on the morrow and also on Saturday morning.

See you at the garage sale!

© 2014 Tony Isabella

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  1. Maybe you should write him a poison pen letter.

    (Oh, how I just slay me!)