Monday, October 28, 2019


On two separate occasions last week, I sent the Medina Gazette, our local newspaper, information on the extremist, un-American views of Ward 2 City Council candidate Michael Ryan. On each occasion, the paper declined to run stories on this.

I sent them a letter on the subject. They have also refused to run that letter. In the interest of informing voters of Ryan’s complete unsuitability to serve on City Council, I am sharing my letter in today’s bloggy thing. I urge my fellow Ward 2 voters to share this blog with their neighbors and in whatever social media venues they have.

Here’s my letter:

A hundred years ago, the Nineteenth Amendment to our Constitution enacted into law that the federal government and states could not prohibit women from voting. Disturbingly, Ward 2 Council candidate Michael Ryan expresses support for the antiquated notion women should be subservient to men. Despite our country being founded by people seeking freedom to practice their religion, he also believes some religions should be vilified. These are among the extreme positions he advocates for on his social media.

Ryan is a two-issue candidate, entering the race to overturn what our bipartisan Council achieved earlier this year: insuring equal protection under the law to our LGBT citizens. Cut past the various code words and what is exposed is the bigotry of Ryan and the other candidates who have emerged to challenge all of the incumbents who voted for the equality that is at the center of American democracy. It is unfortunate some people believe equal rights for all somehow means less rights for them. It doesn’t.

The above is reason enough for me to urge Ward 2 voters to return Dennie Simpson back to Council. As for Ryan’s other issue...

He wants to kill more deer. Because they eat his flowers. Now one might think an alleged Christian such as Ryan would see the beauty in all God’s creations, including deer. Since he seems unable to do that, I would suggest he build a fence around his property. Maybe even a wall.

Here are the scans of things on Ryan’s social media that I sent to the Gazette and which they ignored.

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.

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