Sunday, April 19, 2020


I'm currently dealing with quite a few non-coronavirus-related issues. I may not get back up to speed on the bloggy thing and other stuff until May. But I didn't want anyone to think my absence meant I was ill or that any member of my family was ill. Unless you count the comics industry as part of my family. In which case, unfortunately, the comics biz is looking more than a little shaky at present. Even if I'm not actually part of it these days, I hope it pulls through and eventually flourishes.

My immediate plans are to work on the "bible" for a new project I'm very excited about. I want to  respond to the shocking number of e-mails and messages I have left unanswered for too long. I also want to complete a bunch of items on lengthy "to do" list. Though my plate is quite full, I can always make room for paying gigs. 

I'm thinking about all of you. Those I know well and those I only know from your following me here and elsewhere. Stay safe.

Tony Isabellla

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