Friday, January 6, 2023




While it’s been hilarious watching the cowardly Kevin McCarthy get dick-punched several times a day and oddly soothing to day-dream about Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries getting votes from  enough semi-adult Republicans to become the Speaker of the House, there are some negative real-world consequences to the House being without leadership. The paralyzed GOP hasn’t been able to commence its ridiculous investigations, but some actual government business that benefits actual citizens is also on hold. One representative-elect has spoken of not being able to help one of his constituents with a tax problem because the IRS can’t discuss the matter until he’s been sworn in.

Eventually, there will be a Speaker of the House. I’m guessing it won’t be McCarthy, but that’s mostly because I want to see him get evicted, preferably by force, from the Speaker’s offices in which he has currently and illegally has taken residence. As for when there will be a Speaker, my bet is that the 101st vote will be the charm.

How chaotic is this process? I received three votes in the last go-round. Some representatives relate to my proposed constitutional amendment allowing me to legally punch anyone in the face I believe deserves such violence. If you can’t trust a comic-book writer with that important duty, who can you trust?
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  1. Tony:

    McCarthy was elected Speaker overnight. On the 15th try. Sacrificed the power that goes with the office to appease the deranged lunatics in the House (i.e. Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert). Ya can't win 'em all.