Wednesday, February 8, 2023





Comic-book fans got a bit of a giggle seeing the ever-dysfunctional Marjorie Taylor Greene cosplaying as the X-Men’s White Queen at The State of the Union address. Maybe she was hoping to catch the eye of Kevin Feige. That said, I think we should take a closer look at her attire and what it might actually mean.

Like most Republicans, Greene is a bigot and white supremacist. (You can spare me your wounded outcries on account of you keep voting for these candidates.) Anyway, I believe Greene’s costume was meant to put an early claim on the title she craves...the White Queen of the far-right. She wants to be the regent of racism.

She wants to rule over those pesky malcontents who believe in such “woke” concepts as democracy, decency, equality, common sense gun laws, protecting the environment, making the wealthy pay their fair share of funding the government, convicting insurrectionosts (of which she is one), providing health care for all Americans, continuing our tradition of welcoming immigrants (a tradition which built America and keeps it strong), stemming those systemic injustices in law enforcement and our justice system, teaching accurate history, teaching accurate science, protecting free expression, stemming the violence against the LGBTQ+ community (especially trans kids) and more. She wants to be impervious to being held to even the smallest  standards of decent behavior.

She’s bad people. 


On a related note, her White Queen cosplay completely overshadowed Kyrsten Sinema’s portrayal of a giant sunflower. I would feel worse for Sinema if she didn’t sit with the Republicans. Seriously, girl, no amount of sunshine could penetrate the bleak darkness of those lost souls.

I’ll be back soon with more stuff.  
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  1. Tony:

    Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks she's the Paris Hilton of Congress. Famous just for being famous, because all she's good at doing is misrepresenting her party's position on so many issues. In fact, I'd think Paris would sue Marjorie for gimmick infringement. The voters in Georgia are gullible enough to keep electing her, so ultimately, it's on them.

    Not that the voters in our areas are any better. How else to explain Jim "Fibber" Jordan now in charge of a committee? NYC, unfortunately, foisted George Santos on Congress. He's even more of a Joe Isuzu knockoff than Trump was.

  2. When I see Marjorie Taylor Greene, with her mental retardation and her eyes that are too far apart, I can't help thinking "incest baby." I suspect a gene study would reveal that at least one of her ancestors practiced the hoochie-coochie with another family member.