Sunday, October 14, 2012


Here's the mystery box sale stands:

The mystery box sale is suspended temporarily until I catch up with the orders I have in hand.  My bum knee slows me, but I'm trying to get these orders filled as quickly as possible.

I have 27 orders in hand.  One has been picked up, four have been shipped, four are ready to be shipped on (hopefully) Monday and four are ready to be shipped once payment is received.

I have not yet sent payment requests for orders #21-27.  Once I have packed the first 20 orders, then I'll send out those payment requests.

Orders were only accepted via e-mail.  When the mystery box sale resumes, I'll post a further update with more information.  But only e-mail orders will be accepted.

In other Isabella news...

New bloggy things will return tomorrow with a CBG column reprint of about 2000 words.  Tuesday will have one of my "Tony's Back Pages" mini-columns with some new material.  Wednesday will be another Rawhide Kid column. After that...more views and reviews to delight and enrage you.

My online Vast Accumulation of Stuff sales resume tomorrow.  Look for the first list of items to post on Monday after I post the regular bloggy thing.

The Akron Comicon is scheduled for Saturday, November 10, at the University of Akron Student Union.  This will be my last convention appearance of the year.

It looks like I'll be doing more conventions next year and have already accepted two invitations.  I'll post information on those when I feel it's appropriate.  If convention promoters are interested in having me as a guest at their shows, they should contact me by email to work out the details.

My garage sales will resume in the spring of 2012.  How soon and how often depends on the weather and what the rest of my schedule is like.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Someone asked me about the size of the mystery boxes, specifically whether they were long boxes or short boxes. The answer is...neither.

    I'm using the boxes Diamond uses to ship comics. They are 14 by 11 and 7 inches deep.

  2. Wow, I can't wait! It'll be like Christmas.