Monday, April 11, 2016


Some of you know I have a 200-plus-item bucket list of the things I want to write before I kick the bucket. However, I have another, less focused bucket list, which I have cleverly named “My Other Bucket List.” The items on that list include actual goals, flights of fancy, life-hacks and downright silliness.

People seemed to enjoy them, so, every other month, I compile them into a bloggy thing for your edification and entertainment. In the even months I don’t post “My Other Bucket List” items. Instead, I post items that fall into the “Things That Piss Me Off” category. You’ll get the April list of those sometime in early May.

Here are the MOBL items for March:

March 1: Visit the not-as-nearly-as-well-known-as-it-should be Wood County Historical Center and Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio. This  post needs the explanation I didn’t have time for when I posted the item. The place was many things in its first lives. A poorhouse. An insane asylum. A “pest house” to quarantine men with communicable diseases. Museum exhibits include the three shriveled fingers used to solve a murder case. It is said to be a beautifully photogenic window in the past and also to be haunted. The moment I read about this place in some travel article I knew there are ghosts waiting there to speak to me. If I ever mention that to Barb, she’ll never visit the place with me.

March 2: Stop getting angry at unwelcome callers at my door or on the phone. Be firm about sending them off, but don’t let anger over the intrusions diminish my day.

March 3: Convince publishers to do nice coffee table books of their cooler variant covers. My top choices: Neal Adams, DC/Looney Tunes, Godzilla, Marvel Cosplay.

March 4: Cameo appearances in favorite comic books. Four possible choices: Garfield, Harley Quinn, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Usagi Yojimbo.

March 5: Upgrade my phone. Start getting and using convention apps.

March 6: Create a new, more powerful but still hilarious Kite-Man for DC Entertainment.

March 7: Write Godzilla dream project: a comics adaptation of the original Gojira AND Godzilla, King of the Monsters, combining the two versions while adding background stories only hinted at in the films themselves.

March 8: Find an economical way to get 2000 AD, Beano and other UK comics. Be able to afford to resume collecting Alan Class comics.

March 9: Research speed dating at comics conventions and blog about it. Obviously, I’m not going to take part in it, but I would love to hear from people who have participated in these events or are involved in running them.

March 10: Try to maintain hope Republican voters aren’t as bigoted, fearful, heartless and ignorant as they appear to be.

March 11: Do more panels at comics convention. I enjoy appearing on them and have a lifetime of experience to share.

March 12: Make time to prepare and hold Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales this summer.

March 13: Reach out to favorite actors and actresses in the event I become involved in making movies or TV shows.

March 14: Start compiling a list of people I want to work with if my career leads me into appropriate projects. I might be willing to share this list with you someday.

March 15: As an addendum to yesterday’s item, compile a list of the people I never want to work with. I will never share this list with you. Don’t even ask.

March 16: See @thetonyisabella reach 5000 Twitter followers by the end of the year.

March 17: Donate a dollar to the local food bank for every day that I don’t get a right-wing mailing or robo-call.

March 18: Donate a dollar to the local food bank every time I tell a right-wing caller or robo-caller to go fuck themselves.

March 19: Finally decide which super-power I would want if I could only have one super-power.

March 20: Reprints of the 1940s American Library books, which were comics adaptations of contemporary books like Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.

March 21: Write a script good enough to pitch to Simpsons Comics. Maybe even good enough for the TV show.

March 22: Get back to writing comic books regularly, but branch out into other kinds of writing as well.

March 23: Convince DC to publish The Neal Adams Covers, no matter how many volumes it takes to include them all.

March 24: Start going for walks like no one’s watching by walking when no one’s watching. Late night or early morning.

March 25: Spend a half-hour a day to listen to music, old favorites and new discoveries.

March 26: Convince Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns to include Kite-Man in the next Batman movie.

March 27: Convince DC to publish The Complete Brian Bolland Covers, which would be a delight unto my eyes.

March 28: Break up with doughnuts. We’ve been together so long, but they aren’t good for me. I’ll always remember them fondly.

March 29: Stay optimistic and positive about the comics art form and industry without being naive about it or simply going with the flow.
March 30: Write and post convention reports within days of going to the events. Instead of my usual weeks.

March 31: Become a shadow of my former self, both in terms of how much I weigh and in developing a new super-power.


Reminder. I’ll be a featured guest at FantastiCon in Toledo, Ohio, Saturday and Sunday, April 16-17, at the Seagate Convention Center. It’d be grand to see some of my bloggy readers there.

I will be back tomorrow with a report on my visit to the Cleveland State University Comic Book Club. See you then.

© 2016 Tony Isabella

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  1. "March 21: Write a script good enough to pitch to Simpsons Comics. Maybe even good enough for the TV show."

    Possible plot-hook: Scorpio for President!

    I'm surprised no one has done this yet.

    Andrew Laubacher