Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The plan was to wake up Tuesday morning, organize my New York
Comic Con notes, business cards, and swag, and write the first of three
more bloggy things about the event. 

The reality was that I woke up Tuesday morning with a toothache of
Godzilla proportions.  I haven’t been able to concentrate on that
organization, much less write anything coherent for you about the

I’m off to the dentist in less than two hours.  Hopefully, he will
be able to fix me up this afternoon.  If not, he’ll doubtless send
me home with wonderful painkillers.  I may not be able to operate
heavy blogging while taking them.

So all you get today is this...and a reminder that I'll be attending
Wizard World Mid-Ohio Comic-Con on Saturday and Sunday,
October 22 and 23, at the Columbus Convention Center.  You
can get all the pertinent information at:

When I return from the dentist, I’ll see if I’m able to continue my
New York Comic Con report for Thursday and Friday’s blog.  My
rough estimate is that it will take me at least three more blogs to tell
you everything I want to tell you about the event.

I’ll be off Saturday through Monday for the Wizard World Mid-Ohio
Comic-Con.  Then I’ll be back again on Tuesday.  Since that show is
my last of the year, there should be no further blog interruptions
through the end of the year.

After the convention reports - New York and Columbus - I’ll resume
reviewing the first issues of “The New 52" from DC Comics.  After
that, you can expect more of a mix of news, views, and reviews from
all over the comics industry and the world.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2011 Tony Isabella

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