Monday, December 12, 2011


The odd tale of Grim Ghost #6 [Atlas; $2.99] continues to unfold.
When last we discussed the non-appearance of this already-printed
issue at your friendly neighborhood comics shops, we knew Diamond
Comic Distribution had canceled orders on the issue, the conclusion
of my first Grim Ghost story arc.  We also knew the issue could be
purchased at the Atlas website.

Since then, though I still don’t know why the issue was canceled by
Diamond, I have learned that:

Diamond canceled orders on the issue even though they actually had
the issue in their warehouse.

Retailers can obtain this issue from Diamond as a “reorder.”  The
reorder number is: SEP118165

The issue will be re-solicited in early 2012.

Things I don’t know at this time include: when the trade paperback
collection of the first story arc will be published and whether or
not there will be a second story arc.  Even before my appearance at
the Atlas Comics booth at the New York Comic Con, I had agreed to
participate in the production of the trade paperback and to return
for the second story arc if minor conditions could be met.  No one
anticipated any problems with either.

I have one more note on this subject.  On my Facebook page, Michael
Sacal posted this:

I've seen people on FB that publish their own comics say that
Diamond canceled their orders because of DCs relaunch. Something
about allocating their resources to fill orders for those comics or
something like that.

If that’s the case, it strikes me as a class action suit waiting to
happen.  But I can’t forget DC Comics was key to Diamond achieving
its monopoly status.  Payback might well be a bitch...for many of
Diamond’s other publishers.

You could find an Archie Comics gift or stocking stuffing for every
one on your Christmas list.  For the collector of political stuff,
I suggest Archie: Obama & Palin in Riverdale [$12.95], a magazine-
sized reprinting of the Alex Simmons/Dan Parent stories and several
bonus stories and features.  While I have my problems with anything
that treats Palin as an Obama equal, I also understand that she was
the most visible Republican for use in these comics.  But can you
imagine how a Herman Cain appearance would’ve soared in value?

Must be seen to be believed: Dan Parent’s cover sketches parodying
four classic super-hero covers.  Hilarious!

ISBN: 978-1-879794-87-0

As a guy who wrote for dozen of fanzines before I went to work for
Marvel Comics in 1972, imagine my delight when Aquaman Chronicles
#20 showed up in my mail.  Compiled and edited by John Schwirian,
the issue is over a hundred pages of Sea King goodness. 

Behind a striking cover by Cliff Chiang, the issue presents news,
views, and reviews on Aquaman.  Steve Skeates discusses a Superman-
Aquaman team-up he wrote in the 1970s.  Schwirian and my pal Rob
Kelly discusses the Neal Pozner/Craig Hamilton mini-series of 1986
in insanely wonderful detail.  There are news and photos of Aquaman
collectibles.  There’s the first half of a Justice League holiday
story by Andy Luckett, the first fan fiction tale that I’ve read in
decades.  Indeed, were I to be so churlish as to find the slightest
fault with this fanzine, it would be that room should’ve been made
to present Luckett’s entire story.

There’s no price or ordering information on this fanzine, but you
can e-mail John to learn how you can obtain a copy of this and
other issues.  If you’re an Aquaman fan or an old-time fanzine
contributor like me, you’re gonna love this amazing effort.

How the heck did I miss Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black
[Dark Horse; $4.95] back in 1993?  I should’ve been all over
this 52-page, full-color, square-bound adaptation of the original
movie.  With a script by Steve Moncuse with Art Adams (pencils) and
Terry Austin (inks), this is a sensational comic book. The page
count dictated lots of panels on every page, but the size of the
individual drawings actually makes for a more intimate experience.
Aided by colorist Matt Hollingsworth, the art makes the reader feel
confined by the Amazon River nooks and crannies, the protagonists
travel in search of ancient mysteries.  Long as the Amazon is, you
feel trapped in the Creature’s domain.  Chilling.  Exciting.  Just
plain great comics.  Definitely worth looking for.

DC Comics Presents: Batman - Don’t Blink [$7.99] is a hundred-page
one-shot reprinting Dwayne McDuffie’s “Don’t Blink.” The four-issue
tale is a sequel to “Blink.”  Lee Hyland is a blind man able to see
through the eyes of anyone he touches. 

Batman needs Hyland’s help to locate a kidnapped child, but Hyland
has been taken into the less-than-gentle care of the government to
provide information on a variety of persons of interest.  If Hyland
had a Facebook page, he would probably describe the relationship as

McDuffie - and, yes, I miss him and his writing - delivers a tight
exciting script.  His Batman is not a dick.  When you read all four
issues of this story, you get a story worth four issues.  The art
is by Val Semeiks (pencils) and Dan Green (inks) and it’s top-notch
from start to finish.  Recommended.

Two closing notes.  Comments to this blog will remain moderated on
account of the occasional online jerk who lives to troll.  Do not
think this means I don’t love to read your comments.  I do and I’ll
continue to do my best to approve them in timely fashion.

Thank you for visiting this blog.  Last time I checked, the bloggy
thing had been viewed more than 40,000 times.  That’s likely small
change to the superstars of the comics industry, but I’m thrilled.
If you keep visiting, I’ll keep blogging.     
I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.   

© 2011 Tony Isabella


  1. Still check'n out your reviews. I may not comment always but I'm here, and appreciate it.

  2. Tony is there any way you can buy a digital version of the Grim Ghost issues for my Kindle Fire? I was wondering if they have digital downloads too for the comics.

    I remember the the short lived characters and comics group from the mid-seventies. I remember the super 8 versions of the Planet of the Apes movies used to be in the advertisments.

  3. DCBS just told me that I can order Grim Ghost #6 on their website with my next order.

  4. For what it's worth, Grim Ghost #6 (along with Wulf #5-6) has been resolicited in this week's new Previews. There's a note that it's being resolicited, but no reason is given.

    Had I not read your posts about this comic, I would have assumed it was late and was the publisher's fault.

    - Mike Hansen