Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'm afraid all these folks who visited my bloggy thing for the first time today are going to be really disappointed when/if they come back tomorrow and find me writing about old western comics. 

Such is life.

Approving comments to today's bloggy thing took up way too much of my time, even though I approved every one of them.  But I felt some of them were insulting to other posters.  As of right now, I won't be approving such comments.

I will have some further Dragon*Con comments of my own at the end of the week.  Nothing I've read here, nothing I've read on Facebook, nothing I've read in private e-mail or messages have changed my stand on Dragon*Con one bit.  The arguments against what I stated, earnest or not, simply do not change anything.
My further comments may clarify what I've stated today.  They won't change the essential message.

I will still be checking your new comments for approval on a regular basis, just not as regularly as I tried to do today.

I hope some of the new visitors - there were three times as many hits as on any previous day of this bloggy thing - will return to see the lighter side of this venue.

Thanks for your attention and, for the most part, your respectful responses to my blog.

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  1. Thank you for writing about Dragon*Con, Tony. It's my hometown and I don't attend; always working or off elsewhere. It's important that Dragon*Con clean up and stop supporting this particular fellow Kramer.