Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Does anyone know how to credit a Wikipedia entry? In the entry for Theodore Sturgeon's "It!", there's this paragraph:

"Marvel also published an adaptation of the original story in Supernatural Thrillers #1.[2] Tony Isabella wished to write an ongoing series featuring Sturgeon's creature, but was denied because of the similarity to Man-Thing, reusing the name and logo for It! The Living Colossus since writing duties on Man-Thing were not available."

That's not correct. When Supernatural Thrillers #1 sold very well, someone high up at Marvel wanted an "It!" comic book. When Roy Thomas and I discussed this, we decided that we couldn't do a continuation of the Sturgeon story because we were already publishing Man-Thing as an ongoing series. That's when I suggested we look at the sales of our monster reprint titles and how we discovered that the two issues that reprinted the Colossus stories by Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby had sold better than other issues of those titles. I started developing what became It! The Living Colossus!

I never wanted to write Sturgeon's "It!" Nor did I seek the Man-Thing assignment which was quite wonderfully being written by Steve Gerber, though I did write a Man-Thing story for an issue of Monsters Unleashed.


  1. Wikipedia contributors, of which I am not one, don't do enough research, and can't keep the facts straight. It's really that simple.

    Now, let's just see if Marvel would finally get their act together and do an IT!: The Living Colossus TPB. I highly doubt it, since it would be right over the heads of the current administration.........

  2. As long as you've mentioned Monsters Unleashed, how did the "Gullivar Jones" stores in MU come about?

    Hope you haven't done something on the topic already, but couldn't find anything with Google search.