Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I recently received this e-mail from my pal Jim Amash, one of our finest comics historians and interviewers.  Here's what he wrote:

I know this is a late hit, but last year, you wrote about Millie the Model and that you didn't believe Alden Getz created her, basing that mainly on the fact that he's not in the Who's Who. I only argue this point because there are a lot of writers and artists not listed in the Who's Who who worked in comics. I personally added over twenty, maybe thirty some people not previously listed, learning about them from interviewing people who had known the unknowns. So I would say you need more evidence than that to reject the claim. Since we do not know the source of the claim that Getz did create the character, I question the claim on that more than his absence in the Who's Who. Btw, Getz did work at Ziff-Davis and was a publisher later on, so a possibility does exist he did it. But I need to know more about him before I'd crown him Millie's creator.

However, I believe Al Jaffee when he said he thought it was Stan. Al was working in the Timely bullpen then, and I found his memory to be pretty good when I interviewed him about some years back. But could Stan have had this Getz guy writing for him on Millie and who knows what else? It's possible. Jaffee didn't know all the freelancers, especially the writers, until he became an editor. But as I say, until I hear the source of the Getz story, I go with the idea that it was Stan and the artist Ruth Atkinson. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents, even if I am a year late. 

Thanks for the insights, Jim.

Regular blogging will resume in a few days.

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