Tuesday, September 24, 2013


My penultimate public appearance of 2013 will be MIX 2013 at the
Columbus College of Art and Design, Friday and Saturday, September
28 & 29.  The event is held on the campus of the CCAD. 

From the event Facebook page:

MIX 2013 is Columbus College of Art and Design’s second-annual
symposium and exhibition dedicated to the diverse art form of

Jeff Smith, award-winning creator of Bone and RASL, will present
the keynote on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. Smith's keynote event is a
conversation with Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter.

MIX 2013 features panels, roundtables, and workshops with scholars
and artists from across the country as well as Columbus' thriving
comics scene.

I’m a participant in the following Saturday event:

1-2 pm: Film Screening

White Scripts and Black Supermen: Black Masculinities in Comic
Books, presented by the filmmaker, Jonathan Gayles, Ph.D., Canzani
Center auditorium

2-3:30 pm: Post-screening panel

Filmmaker Jonathan Gayles, Ph.D., with Victor Dandridge and Tony
Isabella, Canzani Center auditorium

For ticket prices and the rest of the schedule, go here:


I’ll be arriving in Columbus sometime on Friday and staying through
Saturday night.  I’ll be visiting daughter Kelly at The Ohio State
University sometime during the weekend.  The rest of the time, I’ll
either be hanging out at MIX 2013 or meeting with any comics folks
who want to meet with me.  My schedule is very open, so, if you’d
like to get together, send me an e-mail.

My final public appearance of 2013 will be at The Akron Comicon on
Saturday, November 9, at the University of Akron.  I’ll talk about
that appearance sometime in October, but you visit the convention’s
website here:



My Facebook friends know most of the following stuff, but I want to
bring the rest of you up to date on recent happenings in my world.
After today, I’ll try to avoid the “me me me” stuff for at least a
few weeks.

There will be no more Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales this
year.  My recent bout with the gout and other matters forced me to
rethink my schedule and buy myself some times to work on a number
of projects near and dear to me.  Sure, I could have tried to throw
together some garage sales that wouldn’t have been up to my usual
standards, but that didn’t sit right with me.  Look for the sales
to return better than ever in 2014.

About the gout...it seems to be under control.  I’m very concerned
about a preventative medication I’ll be taking once the current
outbreak has run its course, but plan to give it a chance.

About the projects near and dear to me...I’ve signed an agreement
that will allow me to spend the next six to eight months working on
my bucket list of things I want to write before I kick the bucket.
There are literally dozens of cool concepts on that list.  Indeed,
it’s going to be extremely difficult deciding which ones to work on
first.  When these projects are ready for an artist or to bring to
the marketplace, I’ll have more to say.

About that agreement...it has a confidentiality clause so I really
can’t tell you anything about it. But it's really good news.

About freelancing...I’m still accepting assignments from clients.
I’m just going to be more selective about them.  I already have one
such assignment on my desk and another one should be landing this
week.  If you have something you think I’d be right for, send me an
email and we can discuss it.

I’m already blessed with a great family and friends...and with work
that excites me.  All of the above just adds to a life that makes
me happy each and every day.  I’m a lucky man.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

© 2013 Tony Isabella

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  1. Take it easy and I look forward to 2014 sales.