Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This week in TONY'S TIPS at Tales of Wonder...I review the Original Sin series from Marvel Comics. Check it out.


  1. Hard to believe that all this got past various editors, but than everything that happens here will be forgotten or written out of continuity for some future 'event' in the next few years. Not blaming Aaron, who just ran with what he was handed after some editorial retreat. I just think that someone should go through the notes the next morning when somebody is sober before doing these things. Let's ruin and/or kill some longstanding characters for no good reason, beyond this month's sales figures.

  2. I thought the Watcher couldn't be harmed by any conventional weapons. He's the good version of a god like Galactus. With all his cosmic powers and awareness, an earlier version of the Watcher would have stopped the bullets with a cosmic bolt of power or force field. The fact that he was shot in this story line tells me the writer has just changed the Watcher into a character that's vulnerable and is not the god like super being of the 60's.

  3. It's gotten to the point where these super sagas have become so ridiculous and complicated that they no longer reach their intended audience. Between Marvel and DC, they just have endless gimmick comics. It's no longer about telling good stories. A lot of them take a good short story and extend to the point of overkill. How much more mileage are they going to get out of another Secret Wars or Infinity Gauntlet?

    I know that I will move on to something else to read or read a Dark Horse or independent title. Perhaps I'll be checking out the new Star Trek comics from IDW instead.