Wednesday, December 31, 2014


My last blog of 2014 concerns another reader who made a request of me that I was unable to fulfill. I’m hoping someone reading today’s bloggy thing will be able to advise or help him.

Urban Lee wrote:

How are you, Mr. Isabella?

My name is Urban Lee, we met at a comic-con in Akron. I am a senior at the University of Mount Union. I am Majoring in Media Computing and my Minor is Art. I am very interested in learning about the comic book world and was wondering if I could shadow you as sort of an internship this spring semester. It would be an honor to learn from a great creator such as yourself. Thank you!

Happy Holidays!

My response:

I'm flattered by your request, but my operation is so small and disorganized that I can't accommodate you in this matter.

I'm a freelance writer with no set schedule, doing whatever jobs come my way. Very few of those jobs involve comic books per se. My work is a mix of online columns, occasional ghost-writing for comic strips, making foreign comics more readable for American audiences, convention appearances, garage sales, online sales  and the like.

If you'd like, I can put your request on my blog and my Facebook page to see if there's anyone in the area who might be able to help you here. Let me know.

Urban emailed back with this:

That would be great if you could add my request to your blog page. Thank you so much for just responding.


If any of my bloggy readers can advise Urban on comics internships in the Akron area or offer him such an internship, please e-mail him at your earliest convenience. He’d appreciate it and so would I. I’m trying to get a jump on racking up the “nice” points before Santa makes his 2015 visit to Casa Isabella.

That’s all for 2014, my friends. Have a joyous and above all safe New Year’s Eve. I’ll be back in 2015 with more stuff.

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