Friday, December 4, 2015

MY OTHER BUCKET LIST (November 2015)

Most of you know I have a 200-plus-item bucket list of the things I want to write before I kick the bucket. However, I have another, less focused bucket list, which I have cleverly named “My Other Bucket List.” The items on that list include actual goals, flights of fancy, life-hacks and downright silliness.

I’d been posting these daily items on my Facebook page and also on Twitter before I decided to take a break for several weeks. People seemed to enjoy them, so, once a month, I would compile them into a bloggy thing for your edification and entertainment.

Here’s the list for November:

November 1: Get out of the house and go see a movie once a week at the Regal Cinema here in Medina.

November 2: Move most of my boxes of stuff out of son Ed’s bedroom by Thanksgiving. [This didn’t happen. My new target goal for this is the end of January.]

November 3: Try not to be quite so gleeful when people I don’t like get busted for their crap.

November 4: Sit down with President Barack Obama after his second term is completed to talk about his favorite comic books.

November 5: Spend a day with Gloria Steinem, leaning about feminist history from one of its leading participants.

November 6: Reread all original Sherlock Holmes stories, preferably in annotated editions.

November 7: Reduce my Pepsi intake to no more than 24 ounces each day. Yeah, I know, but drinking Pepsi is my one vice.

November 8: Complete all outstanding interview requests by the end of the year. [I’m working on them, but one or two might creep into early January.]

November 9: Get better at convention preparation so I always have a nice-looking table.

November 10: Do more for the Hero Initiative in the new year.

November 11: Create master plan for the house renovations we need and want to do. Figure out how to pay for them.

November 12: Finish all my Christmas shopping by December 10. Mail all my Christmas cards by December 17. [The first is looking iffy at the moment.]

November 13: Create a bogus war on something; trick Fox News into losing their shit over it.

November 14: See Elliot Maggin elected to House of Representatives. Third time’s the charm? [Since my pal Elliot hasn’t expressed any plan to run a third time, this could be more of a long shot than in his previous runs.]

November 15: Own a suit as nice as the suits Stephen Colbert wears on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
November 16: Be the go-to cameo guy for super-hero movies too small budget for Stan Lee.

November 17: Try to avoid using “bitch” as a noun or verb in favor of more gender-neutral words and terms.

November 18: Go through all the clothes in my closet and drawers. They’ll fit somebody who can use them.

November 19: Avoid Medina politics because things will never change in the Republican-dominated city where I live. The best I can do is plan for our escape when Barb retires.
November 20: Work on achieving some of these goals between now and when this feature returns in January 2016.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more reviews of books, manga and graphic albums I’ve read in recent weeks. That will be followed by reviews of movies I’ve watched, TV shows I’ve watched and some more comics I’ve read in recent weeks. And those columns are just a tip of the bloggy iceberg for December and the coming new year.

Hold your loved ones close today and always.

© 2015 Tony Isabella

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