Sunday, February 26, 2017


Here's the story...

I am entering crazy deadline mode. Unfortunately, that means the bloggy thing is taking a hit for the coming week and throughout the month of March.

The bloggy thing will be on hiatus until Monday, March 6.

After that, the bloggy thing will post every other day throughout the rest of March. 

I love writing the bloggy thing, but I'm pretty sure my friends and readers will enjoy all the stuff I'm writing instead of the bloggy thing.

I haven't made a decision about the April bloggy things yet. I'm waiting to hear when I need to be on set for something near and dear to my heart. You can probably figure out what. 

Thanks for your amazing support of my blog. I love you all madly.

Tony Isabella

1 comment:

  1. Your world must be so amazingly surreal right now.

    We have patience. Can't wait to hear the first set reports.