Thursday, February 1, 2018


Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing will return on Monday, March 5. When I looked at my February schedule in a rational way - a schedule packed with things I had to write, dental appointments, medical concerns, conventions I was attending, a trip to New York to be filmed for a documentary, way too many interviews and other family/personal things - I knew something had to give.

Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing was one of those somethings. There will be the usual plugs for Isabella-written comic books or reprints of old Isabella-written stories. There will be the weekly plug for the Tony's Tips column I write for Tales of Wonder. There will be announcements of the conventions I'm attending. But the bloggy thing won't get back up to speed until early March.

In the name of keeping my blood pressure and sanity from exploding, I regretfully bowed out of contributing to two worthy benefit books. I canceled all my February interviews, save for one that DC Entertainment's stellar publicity department recommended I do. Folks, the only way you get to interview me this month is if you convince DC's Clark Bull that I should talk to you...or if you catch me when I have some time at the conventions that I'll be attending this month. 

Looking over my Facebook pages and my Twitter page, I've also decided to take a breather from my social media. I love what I share with you in those venues. I love reading your comments. But I need to make my life as simple and stress-free as possible this month.

That's all for now. Thank you for your patience.

Tony Isabella

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  1. Ahhh... the price of success. At least I get to enjoy your Black Lightning comics (I just got # 2) and my whole family is enjoying the TV series. Checking your blog is one of my daily highlight, but I will endure.

    Harry Tzvi Keusch