Friday, March 2, 2018


February was a great month for me. The Black Lightning television series continued to garner excellent ratings and critical acclaim. I finished writing the six-issue Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands series. I attended terrific conventions in Windsor and Pensacola.You’ll see the above and more included in this month’s listing of things that made me happy in February.

Yet the horror of my country under the boot heels of President Bone Spurs and squeezed by the bloody hands of the gun manufactures who fund the National Rifle Association tears at my soul each and every days. The unconscionable rants of the fake news proponents of Fox News and their kindred monsters sickens me. It’s why, even when I have a month like the one gone by, I still need to remind myself of that which brings me delight and hope for the future.

Here are the things that made me happy in February...

February 1: When a journalist asks me a Black Lightning question I have never been asked before. It happened yesterday. It’s going to happen again tomorrow because a different journalist sent me their questions in advance.

February 2: Leonard writing a mystery novel in The Big Bang Theory. This shouldn’t be a done-in-one plot device. Keep writing, Leonard!

February 3: The first three episodes of NBC’s A.P. Bio were exactly what I needed to unwind last night. Crazy premise, terrific cast (including Patton Oswalt) and teachers. For some reason, I’m drawn to shows about teachers.

February 4: Caltiki the Immortal Monster. A Christmas present from a friend, I watched the 1959 Italian movie for the first time since I was a kid. It was a fun 76 minutes.

February 5: The sense of accomplishment as I finished my script for Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #6. This series was challenging, but such a joy to write.

February 6: Taking Giselle to dinner and the Little Dokebi Korean restaurant for dinner. Great food and, of course, it was a joy to see my recently-relocated-to-NYC “other daughter.”

February 7: Being interviews on camera for a Marvel documentary. It is heartening to see Marvel’s honoring its legacy and including the creators in that.

February 8: That moment when I can sit back and take a deep breath, having finished the most pressing items on my schedule. I can take some “me time” without feeling guilty about it.

February 9: The Cleveland Cavaliers got a lot more interesting with yesterday’s trades. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I have enjoyed watching them even when they struggled. Now I can’t see what will happen next.
February 10: China Anne McClain and Nafessa Williams on Late Night with Seth Myers. I love them madly. And what a thrill to hear them introduced as “from Black Lightning.” My dreams for my creation are all coming true.

February 11: Seeing Sharita Taylor, fellow Cleveland Magazine “most interesting people of 2018" honoree, on the front page of The Plain Dealer. She and her twin sister Shaye were competing in the Special Olympics Ohio State Winter Games. Sharita is a delightful young woman and a big fan of the CW/DC super-hero shows. In other words, our kind of people. Props to Sharita and Shaye.

February 12: On Black Lightning, Skye P. Marshall’s performance as Vice-Principal Fowdy is wonderful. I haven’t figured out Fowdy yet, but I wish I’d created her.

February 13: The USA Winter Olympics ski and snowboard athletes in outfits inspired by Captain Marvel and Captain America. It’s a cool moment for this fan who grew up at a time when comics were looked down upon. We rule!

February 14: The official portraits of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. I love the modern look of them and see them as a reminder the current administration will not be allowed to permanently stall the forward progress of our nation.

February 15: Elise Freezer. The 11-year-old figure skater stars in a SunTrust Bank commercial airing during the Winter Olympics. She’s utterly adorable and incredibly talented.

February 16: Swoosie Kurtz in the “An Inconvenient Ruth” episode of Lethal Weapon. The interactions between her character and Clayne Crawford’s Martin Riggs were funny and touching.

February 17: Marvel’s Black Panther. An incredible spectacle and a thoughtful thriller driven by incredible performances. Especially wonderful to see Don McGregor, Rich Buckler and other dear friends listed in the end credits.

February 18: Vindication. The original toilet paper roll patent has the toilet roll paper going over and not under.

Though a couple of my Facebook friends have disputed this, I stand by the above item. You can flush your alternative facts.

February 19: Action! Windsor 2018. It was a terrific convention in a gorgeous room with delightful fans and a hard-working crew that made it work. My thanks to Jolie, Mike, Becca, Sarah and everyone else for inviting me and treating me so swell.

February 20: Sirius XM’s Billy Joel channel. So wonderful to share my drive with one of my all-time favorite writers and performers.

February 21: Perish, the third book in Lisa Black’s series about a forensic scientist and a police detective who kills killers. Forced to keep each other’s secrets, their uneasy relationship makes for edge-of-your-seat reading.

February 22: Meeting the delightful Wai Ching Ho (Madame Gao on the Marvel Netflix series) and having dinner with her, Larry Hama, Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, Mike Baron and Paris and Denise Cullins at the great Five Sisters Blues Café in Pensacola, Florida.

February 23: Pensacon. One of the best and best-run conventions in the country. I love Pensacola with its great restaurants and bars. I love the event with its great guests, promoters and volunteers.I love the fans. I’ll return whenever they invite me.

February 24: Maria Landy. Pensacon’s transportation goddess and a talented artist whose art adorns the guest gift bags. She painted me a special Godzilla rock this year.

February 25: My son Eddie is buying a house here in Medina, Ohio.  I’m simultaneously feeling very old and very proud.

February 26: Dinner at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola with Mark Maddox, Jeff Shanks and Jose and Mabel Delbo. Landmark restaurant, great food and wonderful company.

February 27: Watching the terrific Nen paint at her Pensacon table. Like the fans who gathered around her, I was utterly captivated by her certainty, confidence and talent.

February 28: Hanging with Trevor Von Eeden at Pensacon. We talked about our lives, comics and philosophies. He gave great advice to a young artist. Most fun of all, his mom and aunt drove from Fort Lauderdale to surprise him.
That’s all for today. I’ll have another new bloggy thing for you on the morrow. See you then.

© 2018 Tony Isabella

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