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My final Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales of 2021 are coming together nicely. Last night, I filled out the dollar comics boxes with a complete set of one of my favorite series of all time. It’s just one of many examples of how serious I am about downsizing the VAOS. You’ll see more at the garage sales.

Here’s the basic information:

The garage sales will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, from 9 am to noon at 840 Damon Drive in Medina, Ohio. You won’t have any trouble figuring out which house it is. Besides the lawn signs, you’ll see a big ass Tony Isabella photo and sign next to the garage door, a souvenir from one of the conventions I have appeared at in recent years.

Moving on...

I currently have nine $10 mystery boxes ready to go and am hoping to add two more a day until the garage sale opens on Friday. I’ve virtually doubled the number of boxes of graphic novels, hardcovers and trade paperbacks. Some of these haven’t even been opened as I now realize I will likely not live long enough to read everything I own that I have not yet read. This doesn’t mean I’m remotely near death’s door. If I did nothing but spend my days reading, I might be able to read everything I own. But that wouldn’t leave me time to do all the other things I enjoy doing.

My boxes of Tony Isabella-written comic books and other older comic books are not as full as I would like. This is just a matter of my running out of time to price additional comics for them. I hope to do much better in these areas for next year’s sales.

My supply of Isabella-written trade paperbacks is also dwindling, thanks to DC Comics deciding they needed to let my Black Lightning work to fall out of print to print a zillion more copies of Batman  books. That manipulative maniac not only has the best toys, but, apparently, also controls the printing presses.

Any Isabella items you buy from me will be signed for free. I will also sign any Isabella items you bring to my garage sales for free. I charge $5 for my signature at conventions, so you can save money by coming to my sales.

I’m phasing out Isabella-related posters for the present. Besides reducing the prices on these, I am also giving a free poster with every purchase. One per customer. Who loves you?
The rack which holds comics and pop culture clothing as well as a bunch of Comic-Con tote bags is full. In fact, some of the items I couldn’t fit on the rack went into mystery boxes.

My magazine box is filled, though, as with the dollar comics boxes, I’ll continue to price and add items up until the first day of the garage sales. I might even add items after the first day’s garage sale. Because I’m determined to make these sales the best since I started doing them.


Spread across the remaining bookshelves and tables will be amazing items. The Little Lulu Library. The Complete Tintin. The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland. The Complete E.C. Segar Popeye in cool hardcover editions. Some still wrapped in plastic omnibus editions.  Plus many more terrific hardcovers and trade paperbacks. I will be pricing and adding more books to the sale right up to the moment I open the garage door on Friday.

The official hours of the garage sales are 9 am to noon each of the two days. However, if I still have customers shopping, I will keep the sale going as long as necessary. When the garage door closes on
Friday, I’ll restock as much as possible.

Previous garage sales have been cash only. However, I will accept PayPal as long as you can verify the money has reached my account before receiving your items.

Can’t make the garage sales on Friday or Saturday? If you email me with a request for a special appointment later in the week, I will do my best to accommodate you. However, I won’t be restocking after Saturday’s sale.

Thanks for visiting the bloggy thing today. I’ll be back soon with information on my remaining convention appearances of 2021 as well as lots more fun stuff. See you then.

© 2021 Tony Isabella

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