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I’m working on my next Vast Accumulation of Stuff garage sales and feeling pretty good about them. They take place at 840 Damon Drive, Medina, Ohio, Friday and Saturday, July 22-23, from 9am to noon. From today through Thursday night, I will be adding books, comics, magazines and collectibles to the sale. I’ll likely continue to add items after the sale on Friday.

I never know exactly what will be available at any of these garage sales, but I’m currently bagging and pricing Batman #178-242. The goal is to have all of these available on Friday, though I may hold back a few key issues for my Facebook page auctions.

My magazine boxes (plural for the first time in ages) will feature issues of G-Fan and other fantasy and science fiction magazines. As I read them this week, I’ll also be adding issues of MAD, Shudder and Vampiress Carmilla. I think these pumped-up magazine boxes are going to please my customers.

I’m hoping to put together at least a half-dozen of my popular $10 mystery boxes. I’ll also be adding new dollar comics, hardcovers, manga volumes, paperbacks and softcovers to my boxes and (for items too large for the boxes) tables.

I have a couple of cool additions to my clothing rack: Sailor Moon bedding and SuperFriends curtains. There are a lot of t-shirts and such on the rack right now and I hope to get a chance to excavate additional articles from my closets. Most of this stuff will have some relation to comic books and such, but I may include some more mundane shirts as well.

I have a tote filled with Godzilla toys, which I may or may not be able to get into this weekend’s garage sales. I’m researching them with the help of friends. I’m going to work hard to get these and other unusual items into the sales as soon as possible.

Time is my enemy because I’m doing all the garage sale preparation on my own. But I am hoping to add more Isabella-written comics and books, and, besides the Batman comics, more older comics. And, if you’ve come to my garage sales, you already know these items have been priced to sell. You will find amazing bargains.

I’ll definitely have the exclusive-to-me reprint of the very first appearance of Misty Knight. When my creation appeared on the Luke Cage TV series, Marvel reprinted that issue as part of the Marvel’s Greatest Creators series. The company also offered me the chance to have a special edition that only I would be selling. It’s limited to 1500 copies and features a cover exclusive to this edition. I’ve been selling these signed and numbered comics for $10 each and was planning to raise that price. However, after seeing how happy fans were to buy this item at Pensacon 2022, Saintly Wife Barb has asked me to keep that ridiculously low price a while longer. I’ll have at least twenty issues available for this weekend’s sales. At shows, I change $10 for my signature. With this special edition, you get an exclusive comic book and my signature.

I’ll try to post updates on the sales during the week. As always, whether you buy Isabella items from me at the sales or bring them from your collection, I’ll sign them for free at my garage sales.

Parking for the garage sales is on Bradley Court and across from my house on Damon Drive. Please take care not to block driveways and mailboxes. There will be signs on my front lawn and a huge banner from a convention on my back porch.

I’m looking forward to see my friends and customers this weekend. Besides making money that helps me cover unexpected expenses and finance future plans, I enjoy chatting with these fine folks and answering their questions about both the comics industry and my half-century working in that industry.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon to tell you more. Thanks for stopping by today.
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