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I’ve been trying to keep the openings to these monthly collections of joy-inducing things light and breezy, but something happened to me recently that I want to discuss. Albeit briefly.

A friend asked me if I hated him because he was a conservative. It wasn’t the proper place to have such a discussion, so I responded with a quick “Of course, I don’t.” Which wasn’t how I really wanted to answer him. In the future, I might well devote a longer column to how I wanted to answer, but, for now, you’re getting the short version...

Was he sure he was a conservative? Because, honestly, I’m not sure such creatures are still among us. They’ve gone as extinct as the dodo bird as the Republican Party falls further into criminality, cruelty, dishonesty, racism, sedition and the treasonous disregard for democracy.

The specifics of those vile traits will have to wait for the future bloggy thing I alluded to. What I will say is that if you support the Republican Party in its current despicable form, you are not a conservative. Not remotely. If you vote Republican, you are a part of their debasement of our country.

I don’t hate him on a personal level. However, if he is supporting the Republicans in any way, I hate him on a moral and philosophical level. That party is the biggest threat currently facing the United States of America and, if he votes Republican, my friend is aiding and abetting that threat. More on this to come.

Here are the things that made me happy in November...

November 1: Saintly Wife Barb and I had delicious salmon dinners at our local Applebee’s and used a gift cards. We’re on a quest to use as many of these as possible.

November 2: As I contemplate my dream road trip, Shing Yin Khor’s  The American Dream? A Journey on Route 66 is an fun, informative and inspiring graphic memoir. Solo or otherwise, I plan to travel from end to end of the legendary road.


November 3: Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! It’s definitely a treat for fans of the franchise. An exciting and funny adventure for all ages topped with delicious nostalgia. I smiled throughout the movie and laughed out loud in places.

November 4: To celebrate Godzilla Day (November 3), I went to the Fathom Event presentation of Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002) with my son Ed. Also shown were a new Godzilla versus Hedorah short film and a “making of” short.

November 5: Akron Comicon’s 10th Anniversary event was absolutely incredible. The comics-centric show with a “fans first” philosophy presented great guest creators and a host of interesting vendors. Kudos to promoters Dan Gorman and Jason Miller.

November 6: My friend Denine has been volunteering at conventions since the sorely missed days of Mid-Ohio-Con. She’s great with the guests and was been a great help to me at this year’s Akron Comicon and many other events.


November 7: So Much For Love: How I Survived a Toxic Relationship by Sophie Lambda, as you can imagine, can be a little difficult to read at times. But her sure storytelling and sometimes dark humor makes it one of the most important comics of 2022.

November 8: Baron Helmut Zemo, created by Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema and myself and recently seen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has joined my Funko Pop! collection. I’m always on the lookout for figures of characters I created or co-created.

November 9: My post-election grief was lightened by a surprise gift from a colleague. We haven’t worked together for decades, but his friendship and kindness are appreciated. It was a perfect gift for the end of democracy. An assortment of nuts.


November 10: Comics legend Don McGregor was interviewed for ABC’s Black Panther: In Search of Wakanda special. As the guy who truly brought Wakanda to life, it was a well-deserved honor for my dear friend.

November 11: Diego Jourdan Pereira. My Last Kiss gags always look amazing when Diego adds his colorful magic to them. He’s one of the best in the business and I hope that, someday, I get to work with him on a comic book or graphic novel.

November 12: John Lustig is a great editor. He works hard to make my Last Kiss gags better without making them his gags. That skill isn’t as prevalent as you would think.


November 13: After losing several eBay auctions, I now own a 2018 She-Hulk (Lawyer) figure, a 2018 spring convention exclusive and I got it for much less than all the auctions I lost. I wonder if they make a Matt Murdock figure.

[There is a Matt Murdock figure and it’s a bit too expensive for me at the moment. Which doesn’t mean I won’t find a way to get it. I’m thinking of adding a barter option to the appearance fees I charge most conventions.]

November 14: Ted Sikora (Hero Tomorrow Comics) took out a full-page ad in the November 2 Hollywood Reporter to promote his HT universe. It’s a smart move because studios are still hungry for comic-book properties and his line-up is a stellar one.

November 15: Actor, author and fellow geek Wil Wheaton continued to be a rock star in the Celebrity Jeopardy semi-finals. He won again and was a dynamic and passionate advocate for all who struggle with mental-health issues.


November 16: Vernee Watson, currently seen in Bob Hearts Abishola. I feel I’ve grown up with this wonderful actress, first seeing her in Welcome Back Kotter and countless times since. She’s never less than terrific and her every appearance brightens my day.

November 17: Our Funko Christmas collection grows with the addition of this Groot with present figure. I can no longer make a case that I’m not a Funko collector. Indeed, that particular ship sailed a long time ago. 


November 18: Jeopardy’s Amy Schneider showed her Ozma of Oz tattoo on tonight’s Tournament of Champions episode. It’s lovely in design and in what it represents. I’m a fan of her fun personality, skill at the game and transgender advocacy.

November 19: Leverage Redemption is back for a second season. Three episodes are streaming online and the first - “The Debutante Job” - guest stars Aldis Hodge who played Hawkman in the Black Adam movie. I’m a huge fan of this Leverage revival.

November 20: I found a letter sent to me in 2014. It was from a fan who had interviewed Harlan Ellison who, in the course of answering, said incredibly kind things about my 1000 Comic Books You Must Read and my comics writing. I’ll share it soon.

[I shared Harlan’s remarks on my Facebook page and will do so again in a future bloggy thing.]

November 21: The 2022 Jeopardy Tournament of Champions finals were nothing short of magnificent. Three of the finest players in tight games with my hero Amy Schneider winning the championship. This was a thrilling competition.

November 22: Reality show clowns Todd and Julie Chrisley have been sentenced to 12 and 7 years in the slammer for tax fraud. I love it when famous and rich people face serious consequences of their bad  actions. It needs to happen more often.

November 23: Going through my closets as part of an ongoing effort, I found a belt I bought a few years back that didn’t fit me then.It fits me now. Will you still all love me when there is less of me to love?


November 24: Black Panther Wakanda Forever. A fine film, engaging and thoughtful with numerous wonderful performances. I appreciated the emphasis on heroic women and also the “made me smile” acting of Winston Duke as M’Baku.

November 25: I had a lovely Thanksgiving with Barb, Eddie, Kelly, Nora and Terry Fairbanks, Barb’s Aunt Pat, and friends Jess, Greg and Sherri. The downside is that there are many leftover pastries
waiting to kill me.

November 26: Netflix’s Wednesday is creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky. It’s also intriguingly suspenseful with many excellent actors. I’m one episode and there’s little doubt in my mind that I am in for duration.

[I binge-watched the rest of the first season over the next couple days. It did not disappoint in the least.]


November 27: Breakfast at Medina’s Cool Beans Café with the Saintly One and Kelly. We were served delicious flights of grilled cheese sandwiches and soup by our dear friend Jess. A different but great way to start our day.

November 28: Holiday delivery persons. Be they Amazon, UPS, United States Postal Service or others, these men and women are doing an amazing job bringing gifts and joy to millions of people. If you see them, take a moment to thank them.

November 29: Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is charming. A little rough around some edges, but the comedy duo of Drax and Mantis are hilarious. The legendary Kevin Bacon touched my soul. I now feel there are no degrees of separation between us.

November 30: I live in a world where a company is making video game consoles for dogs that will help their aging canine brains and give them treats when they win games. Who’s a good tech company? You’re a good tech company.

It’s a new month and that means a new effort to create more comics and content for you. I’ve got my December writing schedule mapped out and I’m also ready if bandits try to rob me and my family when I’m home alone.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my friends.

© 2022 Tony Isabella

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  1. It's always terrific that you can find so much to celebrate month after month, Tony.