Saturday, September 8, 2012


The actual way-too-long title of this comic is The Lone Ranger's
Companion Tonto
#4 ]Dell; February-April 1952].  I’m just going to
call it Tonto, since that was the title for the first two issues of
its 33-issue run. 

We don’t know who painted this not-the-least-bit-exciting cover of
Tonto communicating via sign language or who wrote the issue’s two
Tonto stories.  “The Range War” and “The Trespassers” were both 16
pages and both drawn by Alberto Giolitti.  Paul S. Newman is known
to have written Tonto comics from 1952-1957, so he’s a possibility.
Any one know for sure?

The inside covers and the back covers had text articles with either
illustrations or photos.  The subjects were: “Plains Indian Homes,”
“The Eskimo” and “Indian Basketball.”  Apparently, the Mayans had
a game similar to both basketball and soccer.  Which makes me wish
the NBA allowed players to kick the basketball as well as dribble
or pass it.  That could be fun.

This comic book was on the newsstands in my birth month of December
1951 and I’m exhausted from yesterday’s garage sale.  Which is the
only logical explanation for why I think basketball players should
be allowed to kick the ball.  Tune in tomorrow for another vintage
cover from my birth month and my theory on why adding the javelin
to golf would liven up that moribund sport.

© 2012 Tony Isabella


  1. Alley Oop is learning how to play that game as we speak. If he loses he dies.

  2. The cover was painted by Ernest Nordli.