Friday, September 28, 2012


UPDATE. I will be going to Ohio Comic Con, but I won't be 100%.  I'll put in some time at my Artist Alley table tonight and more time on Saturday and probably almost no time on Sunday.  If possible, I'll try to have times posted at my table.

This has been one annoying week.  After I had a letter published in a local newspaper, I started getting harassing phone calls from, you guessed it, fucking Republicans.  Because they believe in freedom of speech for everyone who agrees with them. It's been a week of annoyances and distractions while I'm struggling to finish a writing gig.

Adding to the mental mess, I think I made the final break with my birth family after one of them told me she thinks Obama wasn't born in America.  It's a small thing, but, added to the other crap from various members of said birth family, I think the camel's back has been well and truly broken.

On the good news front...

Remember when my van broke down on the way home from my son's graduation?  It costs us over a grand to set it to rights.  Well, it turns out the manufacturer has just recalled the van for exactly what happened to us.  It looks like we'll get most and maybe all of that grand back from them.

I hope that's a sign that October will be much more productive and relaxing for me.

See you when I get back from Columbus.


  1. P.S. If you're waiting on an email from me, I plan to get caught up on unanswered e-mails on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

  2. I started getting harassing phone calls from, you guessed it, fucking Republicans.
    You mean while they were actually... ?!?!?!!!!!
    I'm sorry to hear about your septimana horribilis and I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Sheeooooot, Tony! I get calls from both parties and I'm an independent!! Easily to be annoyed by both extremes when you more or less walk in the middle.

    On a brighter note - relax and enjoy the con. It should be pretty good. Even though William (Denny Crane) Shatner cancelled :(