Thursday, September 13, 2012


Pushing forward this week.  I just finished my next Tony's Tips column for Comics Buyer's Guide with a real nice mix of reviews.  Some old stuff, some new stuff, some stuff that probably no one else in comics but me would review. 

I'm slowly restocking for my final garage sale of the year.  An unopened DC box from 2003 had almost a hundred comic books and over a dozen trade paperbacks in it.  It's stuff that should make my customers happy.

With Ohio being a key and maybe THE key state, I'm getting bombarded with Republican calls and robo-calls.  Because you know I'm going to vote for Romney.  I mean, look at how he tried to use the tragedy in Libya for his personal gain and did so with knowing misinformation. And look how the GOP flacks are trying to explain that way.  What a party!

And that smirk on Romney's face as he walked away from the podium.  I know that classic smirk well.  I saw it on every lying bully who beat me up and got away with it when I was a kid. 

If I weren't a godless (but not Godzilla-less) liberal, I'd pray for the souls of the Republicans.  You know, the ones they traded to Grover Norquist and/or Satan.

I'm in fine grumpy form today.  Have a nice day.

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  1. Not that I'm defending the guy, but Romney isn't the type of politician who would pass up an opportunity that's practically handed to him during an election year to manufacture contrast between himself and his opponent. Sleazy and in bad taste, yes, but politics, nevertheless. The difference is that Romney--well, just does it so badly. As his opponent noted, he tends to shoot first and aim later.

    And, honestly, I'm seriously thinking of letting my voter registration expire just so that I'm not subjected to those robo-calls. What politician in the world thinks that the way to win a voter over is by interrupting them at home and then not giving a damn to speak with them personally?