Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I am very much looking forward to my appearance this weekend at the Akron Comicon, Saturday and Sunday, November 7-8, at the University of Akron’s Quaker Square. It’s been several months since I’ve been to a convention and this young event is one of the best. Be sure to check out the event’s amazing guest list at the convention website.

As of this writing, I am midway through the eight paying gigs I had on my desk at the beginning of this week. I’ll enjoy myself more at the convention if they are finished by the weekend. Forces of evil are clearly working against my achieving my goal because they keep trying to distract me from my work. It got so bad that, on Tuesday evening, I posted this on my Facebook page:

The answer to all the requests I've received in the past two days...requests to like some Facebook page, promote and support some Kickstarter project, donate money to an organization, vote for a Republican, subscribe to some magazine, hook someone up with an editor or publisher, do free consulting on your book or comic or screenplay, take part in a survey and so on...the answer to every one of those requests is NO! Those who annoy me should consider themselves cursed.

Do you feel that burning itch all over your body? Are you wincing from the pounding in your brain that makes your eyes water? Are you bumping into every sharp furniture corner in your dwelling? Did your cable or dish just stop working? Have you lost your Internet connection? Did that last fart make your ass and nose bleed? That's all me.

Keep annoying me and it gets worse.

I feel much better now.
My Akron Comicon appearance is being sponsored by Toys that Time Forgot, a spiffy vintage toy store that also sells comic books and more. Does this make me a vintage comics creator? That’s for you to decide, my friends.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another update.

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