Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This should go without saying, but...

All comments must be approved by me before they are published.

Personal insults directed toward me?

Probably not going to be approved.

Unless they're hilarious.

Which they weren't.

I'll have some more comments on the comments in the near future and perhaps some thoughts on the absurdity of an opinion column being treated as actual news.


  1. Tony, I'd comment on this post pointing out how right you are. But that would violate my policy of only commenting if I can add something of value to the conversation. Which I wouldn't be doing. Because, of course you're right about comments on your own blog page needing to conform to your own standards. So, my only comment is "No comment."

  2. well I'm not commenting to bury tony Isabella im commenting to praise him. thank you for your creation of 3 black super heroes or at least in shaping them. black lightning, powerman luke cage and black Vulcan. yes I give you credit for black Vulcan if not for the reported disputes about using black lightning we wouldn't have him so thank you.