Saturday, November 26, 2016


Back Issue #93 [November, 2016; $8.95] is the “All-Captains Issue" of the TwoMorrows publication that focuses on Bronze Age comics and more. The Captain Marvel cover drawing is by the late Dave Cockrum, a fan drawing he did in 1970, just prior to his breaking into comics and becoming a fan favorite.

The cover blurbs the following: Shazam! in the Bronze Age, Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, Captain Mar-Vell, Captain Storm and the Losers, Captain Universe and Captain Victory. The issue is also said to feature C.C. Beck, Pat Broderick, Jack Kirby, Scott Shaw!, Jim Starlin, Roy Thomas and more.

I’m ridiculously behind in my reading of this magazine, which won’t stop me from recommending it to you. If you a fan of the comics of the Bronze Age or comics history in general, you’ll love it. And, with the holidays closing in on us, a subscription to Back Issue or even a nice stack of back issues of Back Issue would be a wonderful gift for that comics fan you love.

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