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Doc Savage #86: The Sea Angel & The Devil Is Jones [December 2015; $14.95] is the penultimate volume of publisher Anthony Tollin’s reprinting of all the Doc Savage pulp novels. This volume’s novels are both by Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson.

The Sea Angel was first published in the November 1937 issue of Doc Savage Magazine. It was heavily edited, but, for this publication, it has been restored to its original length. Will Murray gives the full background for this novel in his informative essay.

The back cover blurb:

Just as evidence of their evil deeds materializes, unscrupulous Wall Street financiers disappear, victims of a vengeful monster called The Sea Angel.

Evil Wall Street financiers? Was this 1937 or 2016.

The Devil is Jones comes from the November 1946 issue of Doc Savage Magazine. The back cover blurb:

An urgent plea from a powerful politician lures Doc Savage to Kansas City to unmask the diabolical Mr. Jones.

In addition to this issue’s historical essay, Murray also gives us “Airwaves, Inc.” The piece tells how Dent gave up writing for a bit to launch and run a business involving airplane photography. Just as in his writing of Doc Savage stories, Dent was ahead of the rest of the world with this venture. It’s a fascinating article.
Sanctum Books delivers fine entertainment at a reasonable price. I recommend their books to one and all.

ISBN 978-1-60877-194-3

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